Hypnosis Scripts

Here you’ll find all the hypnosis scripts I’ve put together for this site. To use a script, simply have your hypnosis subject make themselves comfortable, then follow the instructions and read them the script.

Most of the hypnosis scripts here contain a combined induction and deepener, along with a positive suggestion and an awakener. Some, such as those designed to induce sleep or lucid dreams, do not.

Do this before you read the hypnosis script

Before you begin any hypnosis session, it’s important to set up the environment in such a way that you’re unlikely to be interrupted and to minimize the risk of things going wrong.

This is true even when you’re reading a hypnosis script to your subject.

Give a hypnotic pre-talk

Start off with a simple pre-talk in which you ask your subject about their perceptions around hypnosis. Ask them if they’ve had an experience of hypnosis before. If they have, ask them what happened and what it was like.

When they’ve had a positive experience of hypnosis, it’s very helpful to ask them a few questions about it. Doing so brings part of the experience back into their mind, which makes it much easier to hypnotize them again.

Understand a little about how hypnosis works

Spend a little time going into what hypnosis is and how it works. You can find an overview in my articles on How Hypnosis Works and How Human Memory Works With Hypnosis.

Reframe any misconceptions about hypnosis

People who are new to hypnosis will often have a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis, and it’s usually a good idea to reframe these before you begin a session. To find out more about these, check out my article on Myths And Misconceptions About Hypnosis.

Learn the basic structure of a hypnosis session

If you’ve not hypnotized someone before, take a little time to read my articles on How to Hypnotize Someone Easily and How to Hypnotize Someone With Your Voice.

Learn to spot the signs of hypnosis

And if you’d like to be able to see and hear when your subject goes into hypnosis, there are details on that in my article on How to Tell If Someone Is Hypnotized.

Hypnotize yourself first

Finally, hypnosis tends to work a lot better when the hypnotist delivers the session from a place of hypnosis. When we do this, it becomes easy for the subject to follow along.

The result? They go deeper into hypnosis more quickly.

Inside my article on How to Hypnotize Yourself Instantly, you’ll find instructions on how to hypnotize yourself, along with an easy way to get yourself back into hypnosis in future for use when you’re hypnotizing others.

Everything that you do before you start reading the hypnosis script should be designed to ensure that your hypnosis subject is comfortable and unlikely to be interrupted, and should minimize the risk of things going wrong.

Once everything is in place, choose a hypnosis script to read and follow the instructions.

Hypnosis scripts

The very first thing to do with any hypnosis script is to read the instructions and follow them.

Once you get good and have some idea how hypnosis works, you can start to modify them to suit your own purposes and needs.

To begin, check out My Instructions For Hypnotic Visualization Scripts.

Then simply choose a script to begin, follow the instructions inside that script, and you’re away!

Probably the simplest hypnotic induction script of all time is the Progressive Relaxation Hypnotic Induction Script. This ties in with most people’s views on how hypnosis works, and also conveniently helps them to become very relaxed.

Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnotic Induction Scripts

A lot of the best hypnosis sessions involve taking your subject on some kind of journey. Describe a scene in detail, along with how they interact with it. Then give them a suggestion, or simply leave them to explore.

These can also be used as a gateway to meditation by simply suggesting that they can find somewhere comfortable to meditate for a while once you get to the suggestion part.

Tropical Beach Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnosis Script

Mountain Path Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnosis Script

Forest Waterfall Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnosis Script

Become The Universe Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnosis Script

Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis Script

Journey to Inner Reflection Hypnosis Script

Journey to The Moon Hypnosis Script

Hypno-transformation scripts

Sometimes it can be fun to turn your hypnosis subject into something else altogether for a time. And because perception runs inside your subject’s brain, it’s generally possible to guide someone into having an experience of being anything at all.

Whether it’s a different kind of creature like a kitten, an inanimate object like a rock, or even a new version of themselves, these hypno-transformation scripts have been designed to allow your subjects to experience being something entirely different for a time.

Naturally each form has different purposes. Other creatures tend to be more for fun, whereas becoming a rock or a tree can be deeply meditative.

Become a Kitten Hypno-transformation Script

Become a Tree Hypno-transformation Script

Become a Rock Hypno-transformation Script

Next steps

It is my hope that you and your subjects have enjoyed these scripts.

Deep Trance Secrets by Max Trance book cover. How to Deepen Hypnosis With Hypnotic Fractionation.

Now you may just be here looking for a few scripts for a one-off experience, and if that’s you, great! And you also might be looking to go further.

The truth is that the very best hypnosis comes when we have live feedback from our hypnosis subjects while they’re hypnotized.

As it turns out, there are a few tricks you can use to supercharge your results any time you’re hypnotizing someone.

I use these tricks every time I hypnotize someone. They’re simple, and very effective.

If you’d like to know more about that, check out my article on Easy Hypnosis Tricks That Actually Work next.

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