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Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

Transforming your dreams into reality starts with figuring out what you want. Then it’s just a matter of following a standard process, adapting it to suit your particular dream along the way, and getting a helping hand when you need one. Over the past few decades I’ve used hypnosis for just about everything. Like the … Read more

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Audiobooks by Max (For When It’s Easier To Listen)

Max Trance audiobooks are available for immediate download. When you click the relevant button in this post, the audiobook will be added to your cart and you will be redirected to the checkout. One of my favorite ways to learn something new is to listen to the training material for whatever it is while I … Read more

How To Hypnotize Yourself Instantly

How to Hypnotize Yourself Instantly

To hypnotize yourself instantly, it’s necessary to install a hypnotic switch inside your mind to take you into hypnosis. This is achieved by inducing the desired hypnotic state and then creating an anchor or symbol to act as a triggering mechanism. Once the anchor has been set, you can easily hypnotize yourself in the future … Read more

Physiological Sigh Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress Fast With The Physiological Sigh

Did you know that there’s an ultra-quick method you can use to almost instantly de-stress? Two short, sharp breaths in through the nose, followed by a long, slow breath out through the mouth. Learn how to do it in seconds! You can even integrate it into hypnosis sessions. Naturally this is gonna be a short … Read more

Shamanic Cat for Hypnotic Songs

Are These The Most Hypnotic Songs?

Have you ever wondered why some songs are catchy, while others fall flat? Or why some send literal shivers down your spine? Every. Single. Time. And why are some of them evergreen while others quickly become dated? The truth is that songs function much like stories and are a form of hypnosis. Some of them … Read more

The Hypnotic Power of Contronyms

The Hypnotic Power of Contronyms

Contronyms are words which have no fewer than two opposite meanings. When we use contronyms as a part of hypnosis, our subject is momentarily fractionated since their mind simultaneously performs a transderivational search on both meanings. As a result, contronyms may be used strategically to open minds and to deepen trance. To give a quick … Read more

Highway Hypnosis

What Is Highway Hypnosis? A Hypnotist Explains

Highway Hypnosis is the term used to describe the situation where someone drives a vehicle and arrives safely at their destination with no memory of driving all or part of the journey. Conditions for highway hypnosis to occur include the driver habituating the entire process of driving to the extent that they can drive without … Read more

Stop Procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating Forever With Self-Hypnosis

To stop procrastinating forever, transform your perception of your tasks to make them fun and well-defined so that you look forward to them. Identify and eliminate things you don’t want to do. Self-Hypnosis may be used to attain clarity around what needs to be done, enhance focus, get into the zone, build motivation, minimize the … Read more

Thought Loops

Thought Loops: How To Control And Use

Thought loops can be brought under control by removing any negative emotions associated with them and then choosing something else to think in their place. Once the new thinking becomes a habit, the loop is broken. Positive thought loops can be utilized by training the mind to focus on the big picture as well as … Read more

How to Get Results

How To Get Results And More Of What You Want

To get results, you need to have a clear vision of what you want, you need to know why it’s important to you and what you really get out of it, you need a plan, and you need to take specific steps to get there. It’s also helpful if you have a clear vision of … Read more