How to Forget Something With Self-Hypnosis

How To Forget Something With Self-Hypnosis

To forget something, first choose something else to think about instead. Next, identify the triggers for that memory, then use self-hypnosis to systematically change those triggers so that they cause you to think the new thoughts instead. Repeat until the old memories are quenched. Memory is a tricky thing for most of us. There are … Read more

What Is Transderivational Search?

What Is Transderivational Search? (NLP And Hypnosis)

Transderivational Search (TDS) is a process inside the human mind in which the mind automatically and unconsciously follows all associated memories from a triggering event. This is a critical part of creating meaning from experience and is heavily tied to hypnotic anchoring. In hypnosis, transderivational search may be used to create pre-frames and to invisibly … Read more

Deep Trance Identification

Deep Trance Identification: What It Is And How To Do It

Deep Trance Identification (DTI) is an unconscious process in which a hypnosis subject is oriented into experiencing the world as if they were another person, creature, or thing. This enables them to rapidly take on new abilities, properties and perspectives. Deep Trance Identification works because it enables people to get out of their own way … Read more

Hypnosis Script: Journey To The Moon

Hypnosis Script: Journey To The Moon

Take your hypnosis subject on a trip to the moon, then give them some time to explore to their heart’s content before bringing them back down to earth. To use this hypnosis script, first read my instructions for hypnotic visualization scripts, then come back here, go into hypnosis, and read the Journey to the Moon … Read more

The Zeigarnik Effect

How To Use The Zeigarnik Effect In Hypnosis

The Zeigarnik Effect is a phenomenon in which the human mind can more easily recall incomplete tasks, and can more easily forget completed tasks. It is a critical part of the human task completion system, which enables our brains to plan and perform complex tasks despite having far fewer resources than the local part of … Read more

Pattern Interrupts

What Is A Pattern Interrupt? (Hypnosis and NLP)

A pattern interrupt is an event that causes the disruption of a habitual pattern that someone is running. Pattern interrupts are powerful, because they induce a momentary shock into the subject’s system, which temporarily consumes their critical faculty. This provides a gateway for injecting hypnotic suggestions, including those to induce trance. You might be wondering … Read more

Critical Factor

Critical Factor: What It Is And 3 Easy Ways To Take It Out

The Critical Factor, sometimes known as the Critical Faculty, is the part of the human mind that performs fact-checking to filter reality. In hypnosis we usually move the critical factor out of the way to prevent interference. This is achieved by lulling it into a false sense of security, overloading it, or inducing a shock … Read more

Barnum Statements: How to Use Them to Build Rapport

Barnum Statements: How To Use Them To Build Rapport

Barnum Statements provide us with an easy way to lead agreement, build rapport, and even induce hypnosis. When we use the Barnum Effect to make positive statements about our hypnosis subjects, they will tend to agree with these statements. This makes it easy for them to lower their guard, which can lead to hypnosis. Sounds … Read more

Powerful Mind Control Techniques

11 Surprisingly Powerful Mind Control Techniques

Regardless of whether it’s our own mind or someone else’s, sometimes it’s useful to have ways to assert control. And while hypnosis is not the same thing as mind control, there are certain mind control techniques that every hypnotist should know. Our minds can seem complex when we’re trying to understand them from the inside. … Read more