Hypnotic Triggers

Hypnotic Triggers: How to Create And Use

A hypnotic trigger is something that a hypnosis subject can perceive that causes them to automatically and unconsciously do something else. Hypnotic triggers are created either by giving the subject a direct instruction while they are in hypnosis, or by causing the trigger to happen immediately before the thing it will trigger. The latter form … Read more

Hypno-Transformation Script Become a Tree

Hypno-Transformation Script: Become a Tree

Transform your subject into a majestic tree with this hypno-transformation script. Use it to hypnotically connect them to the core of the Earth and the energy from the Sun, building a perfect state for deep meditation. This script has been designed to help your subjects meditate from a place of deep connection with the Earth, … Read more

Hypno-Transformation Script Become a Kitten

Hypno-Transformation Script: Become a Kitten

Transform your hypnosis subject into a playful kitten with this hypno-transformation script. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions and then read the script to them. This script has been designed to help give hypnosis subjects the experience of becoming a kitten for a time. Before you begin, read the instructions for … Read more

Journey to Inner Reflection

Hypnosis Script: Journey to Inner Reflection

Take your hypnosis subject to a place where they can reflect on their inner self in peace and tranquility with this script to take them on a journey into hypnosis and meditation. Have them find and explore a garden, and then move around hypnotic symbols to make any changes to themselves their unconscious mind might … Read more

Hypno-Transformation Script Instructions

Hypno-Transformation Script Instructions

Follow these hypno-transformation script instructions to transform your hypnosis subject into something else. First, set up your environment for success by minimizing interruptions and ensuring that your subject complies with your directions. Then go into hypnosis yourself and read the script of your choice to them. Finally, test any triggers that are installed. Hypnotic transformation … Read more

Hypno-Transformation: How to Transform Someone Into Anything

Hypno-Transformation: How to Transform Someone Into Anything

To use hypno-transformation to transform someone into anything, hypnotize them by describing the thing they will become, then tell them they will become the new thing. Give them explicit details of what they will think, what they will focus on, what will be important to them, and how they will act. Finally, add in the … Read more

Ways to Get Someone to Say Yes

20 Simple Ways to Get Someone to Say Yes

To build an agreement frame and get someone to say yes, it’s important to move in small steps that allow them to feel safe and in-control. Start with things like using their name, the words you and because, smiling and nodding, and reminding them that they are free to choose. Ask them for something small … Read more

How to Learn Hypnosis

How to Learn Hypnosis in 7 Easy Steps

To learn hypnosis, start off with free online resources such as articles on the web and online communities. Try out each new trick you learn on at least 10 different people to validate that it works. This approach allows you to build confidence that hypnosis is real. After building a little confidence, move up to … Read more

Hypnosis Books

Books About Hypnosis

When you’re starting out with hypnosis and want to learn it from books, it can be overwhelming figuring out even where to begin. What’s needed is a quick overview of the available materials, and an approximate order in which to work through them. As can be seen from the menu and the store on this … Read more