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When you’re starting out with hypnosis and want to learn it from books, it can be overwhelming figuring out even where to begin. What’s needed is a quick overview of the available materials, and an approximate order in which to work through them.

As can be seen in the store on this site, I’ve written a few books about hypnosis. On this page I’ll give a summary of who each book is for, and what it’s designed to do.

I’ve listed the books in the recommended reading order. You can click on each book to take you to a page dedicated to that book. From there you can buy. Some of my books are enrolled in Amazon KDP Select, which means you can only purchase the electronic version from Amazon. In those cases, the button will take you to the appropriate page on Amazon.

Others you can acquire on this site.

Prices for off-site hypnosis books are not listed since these can be changed by the external store. You will see them when you click through before you buy.

And a quick disclaimer: Everything I’ve included in these hypnosis books works when I do it. Others have used the same processes and techniques to great effect. However, as with all things, getting there takes practice and effort. Results are not guaranteed.

The Self-Hypnosis Formula

How to Hypnotize Yourself in 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Experience level: All.
Editions: Paperback, Kindle.

When you’re a hypnotist, one of the most vital skills you need is the ability to hypnotize yourself.

The Self-Hypnosis Formula book cover

There are a lot of reasons for this.

First and foremost is that hypnotizing yourself is the first step of virtually all hypnosis inductions. Sure, it’s possible to hypnotize someone else without hypnotizing yourself first, but the results tend to be nowhere near as good.

Beyond that, those who master self-hypnosis can explore their own minds on their own terms.

And that gives you a unique perspective on the kinds of ways that minds can respond that you simply can’t get from asking others about it.

Imagine being able to do nothing more than follow a simple process and finding yourself inside a hypnotic reality that looks, sounds, and feels as real as life itself.

The process in this self-hypnosis book has been designed to show people how to do exactly that.

Not enough? The self-hypnosis process covered in this book can also be used to enhance meditation, sleep, and even to step directly into lucid dreams.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Wherever you are on your journey into hypnosis, self-hypnosis is an essential skill.

So if you’d like to learn to go deep when you hypnotize yourself, check out my book The Self-Hypnosis Formula.

Hypnosis Quick Start Guide or Workbook

7 Keys to Get Started With Hypnosis Fast

Experience level: Beginner.
Editions: Paperback, Kindle, Workbook.

Quite often when we want to try something out, we just want some inexpensive and simple instructions to follow without the necessity of understanding everything that’s going on.

book cover Hypnosis Quick Start Guide

And the truth is that when we’re just getting started, very few of us are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something we don’t even know will work.

In short, we need to see an early result in order keep on doing the thing in question.

This is where books about hypnosis come in handy. They’re inexpensive, even compared to audio courses, and so long as you follow the instructions, you can get results.

I first learnt hypnosis from books.

This book has been designed with all of that in mind. Inside is a set of easy-to-follow exercises. I’ve designed it so that all you have to do is carry out each exercise, make some notes on your results, and ask yourself some simple questions.

There’s also some minimalist instructions and guidelines at the beginning so that it makes some kind of sense.

There are two versions of this hypnosis book. The Hypnosis Quick Start Guide has the instructions, exercises and questions and has been formatted for electronic consumption. And The Hypnosis Quick Start Workbook has the same basic content, only it is printed and has spaces for you to write notes and answer questions as you work through it.

Yep. The only real difference is that the workbook comes with space to write stuff. Who would have thought?

Disclaimer: The guide and workbook are created from entirely separate documents, so they may diverge slightly as I make changes. Human error and all that.

10 More Fun Things To Do With Hypnosis

Experience level: Beginner.
Editions: PDF.

You’ve worked through the materials in the Hypnosis Quick Start, and you can easily get people into hypnosis most of the time now. Or maybe you just read them one of the hypnotic induction scripts on this very site.

10 More Fun Things To Do With Hypnosis

By whatever means, you can get your hypnosis subjects into hypnosis.

So what’s next?

Naturally, because this is hypnosis, the answer is that you mess with them of course!

There are dozens of hypnotic phenomena that hypnosis subjects can manifest. So in this book, I give you instructions on how to do 10 of them.

The hypnotic phenomena presented in this book range from the very simple, such as dropping someone into hypnosis at the snap of your fingers, through stage show tricks like having them become a cat, all the way into the more difficult ones such as visual hallucinations and even teleportation.

Imagine being able to make your hypnosis subject think you can teleport stuff.

Or drop them into hypnosis by doing nothing more than snapping your fingers.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

And the best part? At the time of writing, you can get it for no more than the price of that email address you created specifically for signing up for things!

Or just use your real email.

If any of that sounds like stuff you’d like to play with, go grab your copy of 10 More Fun Things To Do With Hypnosis right now!

Artful Hypnotic Anchoring

Experience level: Intermediate upwards.
Editions: Paperback, Kindle.

Once you can hypnotize yourself and others, and you’ve played with a few basic hypnotic phenomena, it’s time to delve deeper.

book cover Artful Hypnotic Anchoring

Anchoring is a powerful hypnotic process in which we link things that the hypnosis subject can observe to things we’d like to have happen automatically.

Once created, the anchor acts as a trigger to cause something else to happen.

An example of this is dropping someone into deep hypnosis with the snap of your fingers. In that case, the finger snap is the anchor, and hypnosis is the thing we’d like to have happen.

It goes way further than that though.

Anchors can be anything at all that the subject can observe, including things they can see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and even their own thoughts.

And they can be linked to just about any outcome you can imagine. So long as the subject can do something, it’s generally possible to connect an anchor to it.

Inside the book I give details on the exact steps to create an anchor, how to avoid problems with them degrading over time, and much more.

I’ve designed it to be a thorough and yet fluff-free guide to hypnotic anchoring.

When you’re ready to move your hypnosis skills to the next level, go check out my book Artful Hypnotic Anchoring.

The Two Page Deep Trance Script

Experience level: All.
Editions: Kindle.

Sometimes when we’re wanting to get started with hypnosis, it can be tricky to figure out the exact words to say to guide someone into hypnosis.

eBook cover The Two Page Deep Trance Script

Now, to be clear, once you become an expert hypnotist, you’ll appreciate that the words don’t matter very much at all.

But when you’re getting started it can be handy to have a script that you can simply read to your subjects to get them into hypnosis.

And even when you’re an expert, it’s useful to take apart what other hypnotists do to add another gem to your toolkit.

The script in this hypnosis book was composed using multi-dimensional fractionation with the intention of making it very difficult for subjects to resist.

Unless they’re a hypnotist, they probably won’t even be able to see what’s going on. And it’s almost impossible to resist hypnosis when you can’t see it coming.

Beyond that, I’ve tested this script on my most resistant subject ever, who is a highly skilled hypnotist in her own right. I had her try everything in her power to resist, and she still dropped all the way down into deep hypnosis.

Even when she could see exactly what the script was doing.

Naturally, she still had to listen.

Why two pages? Well… I tried to make it one page, but one page just wasn’t enough for the most resistant of subjects.

So if you’d like the quick and easy way to get someone into hypnosis by doing nothing more than reading a battle-tested script to them, go check out The Two Page Deep Trance Script.

Don’t Forget the Zombies

The Zombie Apocalypse Hypnosis Script

Experience level: Beginner upwards.
Editions: Paperback, Kindle.

Going further with the theme of messing with people once you’ve got them into hypnosis, this book was designed to help guide people into believing they’ve lived through a zombie apocalypse.

book cover Don't Forget the Zombies

And survived.

Whaaaaaa? I hear you cry! Whyyyyy?

Mostly because it can be hilarious to have them tell you and anyone who will listen all about it afterwards.

Ask them detailed questions, and watch as the memories of things that never happened are created in front of your eyes!

It’s a lot funnier than it sounds.

I’ve also included an overview of how the underlying mental processes work so that you can tweak things to perfectly suit your hypnosis subjects. Along with a guide that explains how to give them the experience.

If you’re already a hypnotist, you probably only need the guide to get started.

And if you’re starting out, or want to see it in action, there’s a script that you can tailor to suit your subject, along with instructions on how to do so.

So if you’d like an over-the-top way to mess with your subjects, go check out Don’t Forget the Zombies now.

Other books by Max Trance

I’ve written other books about hypnosis and things tangentially associated with it, including lucid dreaming.

If you’d like to check them out, you can find them in my online store.

Remember: If there’s no price, that means you have to click through to the external store to see the price. One of these days I’ll figure out how to pull it through to my store automatically…

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