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The Self-Hypnosis Formula

Discover Self-Hypnosis in 7 Quick and Easy Steps

The no-fluff guide to hypnotizing yourself.

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The Easy Way to Get Started with Self-Hypnosis

Allow me to take you on a journey inside your own mind.

The Self-Hypnosis Formula is my lightning guide to self hypnosis. Inside you’ll find a simple 7-step process designed to reliably induce deep self hypnosis, along with instructions on using it for learning, change, and fun.

Imagine being able to spin up a hypnotic reality on demand that feels as real as real life.

Or being able to take the vacation of your dreams from the comfort of your own living room.

The process inside this book has been specifically designed to make it easy to go from having no idea about self-hypnosis, to being able to hypnotize yourself on demand. And to then go as deep into self-hypnosis as you choose.

I’ve even built in time distortion, so you can experience large amounts of time inside self-hypnosis while only a few moments pass in the outside world.

With a little practice, it’s possible to quickly build expertise at accessing deep hypnotic states and then to use them to enhance everything you do with hypnosis.

And I’ve not even touched on the other stuff you can do with it.

Included in this book are worked examples on how to use self hypnosis to overcome social anxiety, to practice playing the piano, to build a mediation retreat inside your mind, and more.

We go over how to use the same process to step directly into a lucid dream. Or just fall asleep if you prefer.

Imagine knowing that you could knock yourself out in mere moments, any time you choose.

So if you’d like the easy way to get started with self-hypnosis in 7 simple steps…

Or if you’ve found that it’s sometimes hard to focus enough to meditate…

Or even if you’re just looking for some fun…

Grab The Self-Hypnosis Formula downloadable audio program.

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