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The Self-Hypnosis Formula

How to Hypnotize Yourself in 7 Quick and Easy Steps

The no-fluff guide to hypnotizing yourself.

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How to Hypnotize Yourself in 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Would you like the exact steps to move from wide awake and alert, to being deep inside a full-blown hypnotic reality of your own creation? Perhaps you’d just like to supercharge the results you get when listening to hypnosis recordings? Or maybe you just want to explore your mind a bit more and have some fun.

The Self-Hypnosis Formula is also available as a downloadable audio program.

Inside this book, you’ll find a simple 7-step process that’s been designed so that anyone can follow it and go into deep hypnosis. And once you’re there, the possibilities are endless.

As with lucid dreaming, the hypnotic realities created by this method can be as real as real life itself.

All that’s needed is a process that anyone can follow, and a tiny bit of effort to get there.

I’ve designed the process in this book to be a quick and easy method that anyone can use to go from not even knowing what self-hypnosis is, to potentially experiencing full-blown hypnotic realities in the space of a few hours.

So how do we do that?

When I first learnt self-hypnosis many years ago, the process I followed worked, but it took a long time to implement and get going. It required well over 2 hours of focused effort on my part.

Luckily, since that time, I’ve learnt new techniques, and then developed my own so that anyone can hypnotize themselves as quickly as humanly possible.

The process that I cover inside this book is quick and easy. It’s been designed so that anyone who follows the steps can move from not even knowing that self-hypnosis exists, to being able to do it in less than an hour.

After you’ve perfected being able to induce self-hypnosis on demand, we then move onto how to induce profoundly deep hypnotic trances in yourself.

These deep states of hypnosis typically require a skilled hypnotist to guide you to them. Most people never get there from a recording by itself. The processes inside this book have been designed to make it easy.

Once you’ve learnt to access these deep states of hypnosis, you’ll find that you can use them to supercharge any hypnotic processes you might choose.

Inside this book:

  • A simple 7 step process designed to lead you all the way into hypnosis.
  • How to focus your mind and clear our any thoughts that may be disturbing you.
  • How to move your mind into a state that’s perfect for hypnosis of any kind.
  • How to induce self-hypnosis. With a bit of practice, people can get into self-hypnosis using this method in under 3 minutes.
  • How to deepen self-hypnosis, intensifying any experiences you might have while you’re there.
  • How to go on a journey inside your self-hypnosis, and step into your own hypnotic reality.
  • How to engage hypnotic time distortion, so that you can spend large amounts of time inside your hypnotic reality, while very little time passes out in the waking world.
  • How to direct your subconscious mind to automatically solve your problems for you while you explore your hypnotic reality.
  • Worked examples on how to use the processes in this book to overcome problems typically addressed by hypnotherapy, and how to hone any skill you might possess so that you can absolutely master it.
  • How to use the process in this book to move directly from awake into a lucid dream.
  • How to make any changes permanent so that they stick.

If you’ve struggled with self-hypnosis and want a simple step-by-step process that anyone can follow…

Or if you’ve tried meditation or lucid dreaming and found that it’s hard to get there…

Or even if you just want to be able to spin up your own hypnotic realities and have some fun…

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