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The Self-Hypnosis Formula audio program

The Technique to Hypnotize Yourself into Hypnotic Realities, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep and More

This is the audio recording of my book, The Self-Hypnosis Formula.

Let me walk you through the exact 7 steps to quickly and easily hypnotize yourself.



How To Hypnotize Yourself In 7 Quick And Easy Steps

This is the audio book of my fluff-free guide to hypnotizing yourself.

Fair warning: The first time I tried listening to this to check everything was good, it knocked me out!

Whether you’re just getting started with self-hypnosis and want a simple step-by-step guide

Or you’ve tried everything to hypnotize yourself and you’re not sure what to do next…

Or even if you’re just curious and want to know another way to get there…

The Self-Hypnosis Formula has been designed to give you that pathway into hypnosis.

In this short program, we’ll cover:

  • What you need to know about hypnosis to hypnotize yourself
  • Step-by-step instructions designed to get you hypnotizing yourself on demand, fast
  • How to construct a hypnotic reality that you can return to any time you choose
  • How to use self-hypnosis for change work
  • Worked examples on how to use self-hypnosis for:
    • Overcoming social anxiety
    • Learning to play piano
    • Creating a place inside your mind to meditate
    • Hypnotizing yourself to sleep
    • Going on a hypnotic vacation
  • How to make changes stick
  • How to use self-hypnosis to move directly from waking into a lucid dream

This audio book is supplied as a zip file for your downloading convenience. Just download, extract, and play.

Encoded in mp3 format so it should extract and play on just about anything!

So if you’d like a simple, step-by-step guide to hypnotizing yourself

If you’d love to be able to do useful stuff once you’re in hypnosis

Or even if you just want to know how to spin up a hypnotic vacation and have some fun…

Click the button to buy now and you can get started right away!

This product is a non-transferable, single user license for personal use only.