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One of my favorite ways to learn something new is to listen to the training material for whatever it is while I do something else.

For example, earlier today I went for a walk along the beach for 90 minutes. When you add it up over the course of a year, that’s a lot of time that can be used for discovering new things. Without having to give up my walks!

So I’ve made some of my more popular books available as audiobooks.

And maxtrance.com is the only place you can get them!

For ease of consumption, I’ve also put together a bundle containing all of them. The bundle is the only place you can get the audiobook of The Hypnotic Mind.

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Audiobooks purchased from this site are supplied in mp3 format, so they should play on pretty much anything.

Many of my books are also available on Kindle and in paperback.

Unlock Your Hypnotic Mind Audio Bundle

Save time and a bit of cash by getting all of my audiobooks at once!

Audiobooks included in this bundle:

  • The Hypnotic Mind
  • Unconscious Mind Secrets
  • The Self-Hypnosis Formula
  • Artful Hypnotic Anchoring
  • Lucid

This set is designed to help you to take control of your mind and discover the important bits of hypnosis.

Unlock Your Hypnotic Mind Audio Bundle cover

The Hypnotic Mind is my introduction to hypnosis and lucid dreaming. In it I walk you through the core features of the mind that make hypnosis work, how motivation and habits work, what kind of environment to create for successful hypnosis, and a simple self-hypnosis induction. Then we go through hypnosis itself, before finishing up with shamanic journeying and lucid dreaming.

I’ve designed it to cover off everything I believe is needed to get started fast!

In Unconscious Mind Secrets we develop a couple of the earlier chapters of The Hypnotic Mind in a lot more depth. The central theme is taking control of your own mind. I even show how I have personally used these processes to overcome an unfortunate chocolate-eating habit!

The Self-Hypnosis Formula was designed to be a step-by-step guide on how to quickly and easily induce hypnosis in yourself even if you’ve never tried before. It gives simple instructions for inducing self-hypnosis in a way that often leads to profoundly deep trance states. Then we finish up with examples of exactly how to use it for exploring your own mind, making changes, and personal development.

I’ve found anchoring to be one of the most important and useful technologies in all of hypnosis. Artful Hypnotic Anchoring is my guide on what anchors are and what to do to get the best possible results with them.

Lucid is my comprehensive step-by-step guide to lucid dreaming. I’ve aimed to leave no stone unturned. If you’re not familiar with it, lucid dreaming is a skill which enables us to shape and take control of our dreams.

And since we can do literally anything we can imagine in our dreams, gaining this skill allows us to extend our lives into a new place over which we have total control.

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The Self-Hypnosis Formula Audio Program

My step-by-step guide designed to get you started with self-hypnosis fast!

The Self-Hypnosis Formula audio program by Max Trance

Whether you’re a hypnotist hypnotizing other people, or you just want to gain more control over your own mind, in my opinion self-hypnosis is one of a handful of skills that pretty much everyone can benefit from.

It’s certainly one of the handful of skills that has had a profound effect on my life. Since long before I started hypnotizing others.

I’ve used this skill for everything from studying, instantly changing my mood on demand, hypnotizing others without saying a word, doing away with sleep, directly stepping into lucid dreams from being awake, and much more.

The process inside The Self-Hypnosis Formula is the one that I use myself when I want to experience deep trance and hypnotic realities that can sometimes appear as real as real life.

Artful Hypnotic Anchoring Audio Program

My guide to hypnotic anchoring. This is a key hypnosis technology that allows you to connect things people experience to specific response patterns.

Artful Hypnotic Anchoring Audio program cover

Out of all the things in hypnosis, anchoring is one that I use constantly. It’s quite literally the core of how our minds work, so understanding it is a vital part of being a hypnotist.

You may have heard of hypnotic triggers where the hypnotist does something like snap their fingers, and their subject drops instantly into a deep trance.

Anchors are like a broader, more generalized, and potentially far more covert form of hypnotic trigger.

And that makes them much more powerful.

Not only can anchors be used as simple triggers, they can also be used to create hypnotic programs inside the mind, and even to cause people to do things throughout the future.

Regardless of whether you want to use hypnotic anchoring to enhance your own skill as a hypnotist, invisibly steer other people, or just be able to better understand your own mind, anchoring is another key skill.

Lucid Audio Program

My comprehensive guide to lucid dreaming. Step-by-step instructions designed to get you started and taking control of your dreams, even if you’ve never remembered them before!

Lucid audio program by Max Trance

So here’s the thing: Most of us spend somewhere between a quarter and a third of our lives sleeping.

That’s a lot of time.

In fact, over the course of a typical lifetime, it could be as much as 25 years or more.

With lucid dreaming, you get to take back those hours.

And unlike normal dreams, with lucid dreaming we get to have total control. Which means it’s possible to have any experience you can imagine.

Lived out in a way that may seem just as real as real life.

Only in your dreams.

The process in Lucid can be used stand-alone, and it can be used in conjunction with the processes in The Self-Hypnosis Formula and Artful Hypnotic Anchoring.


Coming Soon!

Over the last little while I’ve been working on a set of proper hypnosis recordings, as well as more books and audiobooks that delve deeper into specific areas of hypnosis and the human mind.

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