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Lucid Dreaming Audio Program

How To Start Lucid Dreaming Even If You Never Remember Your Dreams

This is the audio recording of my book, Lucid.

I’ve aimed to make this a comprehensive yet fluff-free guide covering everything you need to know to get started with lucid dreaming, fast.



Wake Up Inside Your Dreams Tonight

This is the audio book of my fluff-free guide to lucid dreaming.

Many years ago, I would recall my dreams maybe once a year if I was lucky. And as is the case with a lot of people, this led me to conclude that I was not dreaming.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

In reality, we all dream just about every single night. It’s necessary for our brains to maintain themselves.

A lot of the time our dream realities look, sound, and feel every bit as real as the waking world.

And when we don’t recall our dreams, it’s completely natural for us to conclude that we’re not having them at all.

To me, this seems like a waste.

As luck would have it, once you know the trick, it’s easy to learn to recall your dreams consistently.

Beyond that, by applying a few simple techniques it’s possible to not only recall your dreams, but to shape and take control of your dreams.

Lucid dreaming makes it possible to build a world that’s designed perfectly for you. And then to interact with that world and the people inside it in any way you might choose.

With a little practice, you can quite literally live out the life of your dreams, inside your dreams.

In the Lucid audio program, I’ve aimed to provide a complete guide covering everything required to take people from not recalling their dreams, to constructing vivid dream worlds, interacting with them, and recalling them in vivid detail.

Every night.

And since I hate fluff, I’ve tried to leave out absolutely everything you don’t need.

So if you’d like to start living the dreams of your dreams, click the button to buy now.

This is a digital download. After you’ve purchased, you’ll receive a link to download the zip file of the entire program right away.

The download file contains all of the audios in mp3 format, so they should play on pretty much any modern device. Just open the zip and you should be good to go.

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