Physiological Sigh Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress Fast With The Physiological Sigh

Did you know that there’s an ultra-quick method you can use to almost instantly de-stress? Two short, sharp breaths in through the nose, followed by a long, slow breath out through the mouth. Learn how to do it in seconds! You can even integrate it into hypnosis sessions. Naturally this is gonna be a short … Read more

Audiobooks by Max Trance image of a pathway through the forest.

Audiobooks by Max (For When It’s Easier To Listen)

Max Trance audiobooks are available for immediate download. When you click the relevant button in this post, the audiobook will be added to your cart and you will be redirected to the checkout. One of my favorite ways to learn something new is to listen to the training material for whatever it is while I … Read more

Hypnosis vs Meditation: What's The Difference?

Hypnosis vs Meditation: What’s The Difference?

The primary difference between hypnosis and meditation is that hypnosis is usually performed with a specific outcome in mind, while meditation tends to be more exploratory. Meditation can be thought of as a subset of hypnosis since all meditation processes are hypnotic inductions. Sounds simple, right? As with many things, there’s a bit more to … Read more

Hypnotic States

Hypnotic States: Lightning Guide To Creation And Use

Hypnotic state elicitation and control is one of the more important skills for any hypnotist to master. A hypnotic state is a specific state of mind characterized by mono-focus. Useful hypnotic states are typically comprised of a clean emotion, associated contexts and frames, and a physiological configuration. What Is A Hypnotic State? A hypnotic state … Read more

Quantum Jumping

Quantum Jumping: Manifest Your Desires With Deep Trance

Quantum Jumping is a process in which someone merges with their desired future self. This enables them to see the world as it will be when they have become that person, which in turn realigns their thinking towards achieving their goals more quickly. Quantum Jumping is entirely different to a quantum jump, which is a … Read more

How to Forget Something With Self-Hypnosis

How To Forget Something With Self-Hypnosis

To forget something, first choose something else to think about instead. Next, identify the triggers for that memory, then use self-hypnosis to systematically change those triggers so that they cause you to think the new thoughts instead. Repeat until the old memories are quenched. Memory is a tricky thing for most of us. There are … Read more

What Is Autosuggestion?

The Power of Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is the act of installing an idea in yourself. Modern autosuggestion techniques typically achieve this through the repetition of positive present-tense affirmations multiple times per day for at least 30 days while in a state of meditation or self-hypnosis. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a way that you could make profoundly positive … Read more

Hypnosis Script: Become A Rock

Hypnosis Script: Become a Rock

Transform your hypnosis subject into a sturdy, impervious rock with this hypno-transformation script. Use it to hypnotically imbue them with the unchanging and timeless properties of rock and then allow them to meditate from that place. As you might imagine for a script about turning someone into a rock, this script has been designed to … Read more

Hypno-Transformation Script Become a Tree

Hypno-Transformation Script: Become a Tree

Transform your subject into a majestic tree with this hypno-transformation script. Use it to hypnotically connect them to the core of the Earth and the energy from the Sun, building a perfect state for deep meditation. This script has been designed to help your subjects meditate from a place of deep connection with the Earth, … Read more