Hypnotic Induction Script: Progressive Relaxation

I was sitting here earlier today thinking back to when I was first learning to hypnotize others, and it occurred to me that there was a time when I didn’t know what to say. To that end, I’ve put together a progressive relaxation hypnosis script for you.

So how exactly do you induce hypnosis? It’s actually really easy, when you know how. To induce hypnosis, you guide your subject through a sequence of experiences that allows their mind to become more fully engaged with the process at hand. In this post, I’ll cover what I believe to be the most straightforward way to do this: the progressive relaxation induction. 

When you’re first learning hypnosis, it can be helpful to have a basic induction that you can use. In this article I’m going to aim to give you some words that you can read to your subject to cause them to go into hypnosis.

As with every other skill you’ve ever learnt, even a simple induction like progressive relaxation takes some experience to get right. Each time you hypnotize someone with this induction (or any other for that matter), pay attention to what’s going on with your subject. 

If they don’t seem to be following your instructions, don’t worry about it too much. Just notice what happens, and try to do something slightly different the next time.

What is the progressive relaxation induction?

The progressive relaxation induction is one of the simplest hypnotic inductions there is, and consequently it is the one that is often taught to beginners. It’s also very handy as a fallback induction for those times when nothing seems to be working.

So what exactly is the progressive relaxation induction?

In a progressive relaxation induction, we guide our subject through progressively relaxing every muscle group in their body.

At its core, it’s exactly what it sounds like: you guide your hypnotic subject through progressively relaxing every muscle group in their body, while suggesting that they will close their eyes and go into hypnosis.

Before you start the induction

Unlike many other hypnotic inductions, progressive relaxation relies on your subject becoming so relaxed that they drift into hypnosis. This means that it’s important that they are somewhere safe where they’re not going to come to harm should they fall asleep.

As a quick aside, it’s a good idea to know what to do if your subject has an unexpected reaction to hypnosis. Check out my article on How to Stop Someone From Freaking Out for a quick and easy abreaction drill that you can use.

As with all hypnotic inductions, have them take out any contact lenses. If you are hypnotizing your subject remotely (for example, via an online video call), have them set things up so that the risk of them being disturbed is minimized.

This typically includes turning off notifications and distractions on their devices, turning off radio and TV, putting any pets into another room, and asking anyone they live with to not disturb them for a while.

Also make a point of telling them that they will come out of hypnosis easily by themselves if the call is interrupted or there is some kind of emergency.

Make a point of telling your subject that they will come out of hypnosis by themselves if the hypnosis is interrupted or there is some kind of emergency.

When you’re starting out, allow yourself plenty of time. The progressive relaxation hypnosis script itself can be easily read in a few minutes, but it’s best to set aside at least an hour or two. That way you have plenty of time to experiment and fix things that might go wrong.

Next, have them sit in a comfortable chair that they won’t fall out of if they fall asleep. If they are on a video call, make sure you can clearly see their face on the camera and that you can both clearly hear each other’s voices.

Progressive relaxation induction overview

As I mentioned at the start of this article, the central idea behind the progressive relaxation induction is that your subject relaxes every muscle group in their body one by one, until they go into hypnosis.

Because of this, it’s important to watch them carefully and notice whether they are relaxing each muscle group as you ask them to.

Work through their body, describing each muscle group relaxing as you go.

The overall process is that you start at one end of the body, and work your way to the other end, progressively relaxing each muscle group as you go.

In the progressive relaxation hypnosis script below, I’ll give just one cycle from head to toes, and then from toes to head again. If you get to the end and they are still not in hypnosis, simply repeat until they are.

One final thing: Hypnosis relies heavily on the hypnotist dynamically changing their approach to help guide the subject into hypnosis based on live feedback from the subject. As you read the script, if you notice they are having trouble relaxing one particular muscle group and you feel confident enough, add in a few more sentences telling them that they can easily relax that group. 

Don’t worry too much though. The process of relaxing other muscles will eventually pull those ones with it, so all you have to do is keep cycling through the script, and in most cases, eventually they will drop.

To hypnotize your subject with the progressive relaxation induction, do these three things:

  1. Read the progressive relaxation hypnosis script below to them as many times as necessary. As you get better at it, add in your own changes and notice what happens.
  2. Once they are in hypnosis, suggest to them that they will find they can go into hypnosis even more easily in the future. You can do this by reading the suggestion script, or making up your own.
  3. Bring them out of hypnosis by reading the bring them out script to them. 

If you have a hypnosis voice, use that for steps 1 and 2, and use your regular voice for step 3.

And if you like, you can listen to me reading the script over on youtube while you follow along and read.

The Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis Script

Ok now, allow yourself to settle down comfortably into that chair.

Stretch your arms and legs, for a few moments, then let those arms and legs simply relax into the most comfortable position possible.

Not quite that one.

Just a little different.

That’s right.

Now, as I’m talking, you may find that your eyes are starting to feel heavy, and when those eyes are feeling heavy now, you can allow them to close, all by themselves.

Focus all of your attention on the top of your head, and notice the muscles there. There’s not many muscles on the top of your head that you can control consciously, so allow your awareness to drift all the way down…

To your ears.

And you don’t have to know how to relax those ears now, as your attention drifts a little further down to your eyebrows, and all those tiny muscles around your eyes, relaxing completely now.

Calm, comfortable, relaxed.

There’s nothing to do but follow the sound of my voice.

As your attention drifts down. Muscles around your mouth going limp and relaxing fully.

Totally comfortable in every way.

As you go further down.

And you can begin to allow all those little muscles around your neck…

To relax.

And isn’t it interesting that you don’t even know how you’re doing that.

All you do is think of those muscles and allow them to relax.

And they do.

Just like that.

As your attention moves into your arms.

Both upper arms now. Relaxing completely.

Elbows… moving to the most comfortable position possible.

And your forearms… every muscle there… totally relaxed now.

You might begin to notice that sensation starting to spread all throughout your body.

And your mind.

Heavy… like those eyes.

As you drift further down.

Hands and fingers… totally relaxed now.

Can’t move them.

Don’t want to.

And you can allow those arms to become totally relaxed now.

Place your attention on your chest, and allow any tension you’ve been feeling there to simply fade away.

Drifting down.

Deeper and deeper.

As you begin to notice all the sensations around your belly as it relaxes completely.

Breathing in deeply.

Those eyes are so heavy now.

And breathing out.

As you’re noticing that belly rising.

And falling.

So easily.

All the way down now.

Move your attention into your upper legs.

Thigh muscles relaxing in every way.

It feels so good.

As you drift all the way down.

And your attention slides down those legs.

Knees relaxing completely.

That sensation of total relaxation might even be everywhere now.

As your lower legs feel so calm and relaxed that you can’t move them at all.


Calm, peaceful and content.

Totally relaxed in every way.

Try to move those toes.

As slowly as you possibly can, until those toes are totally relaxed now.

All the way down.

Calm, relaxed, safe.

Now, feel that relaxation fully.

Breathing in deeply.

And breathing out.

And you can allow your attention to begin to shift from your toes upwards.

Still totally relaxed in every way.

Every muscle you try to relax goes deeper.

Perhaps you can’t feel those feet at all.

As you scan slowly back up that body.

Toes and feet totally relaxed.

Calm, peaceful, and content.

Lower legs…



Totally relaxed now in every way.

You might be able to feel your belly rise and fall as you breathe in.

And breathe out.

All the way now.

Allow any remaining tension to slip away completely, as that belly and that chest feeling totally calm now.

Calm, peaceful, relaxed.


Notice those fingers…

Totally relaxed in every way.



Upper arms…

All totally relaxed in every way.

As you begin to notice that neck… every muscle so peaceful and calm.

No need to move.


And you might feel the muscles on that chin and all the tiny muscles around that mouth becoming so relaxed now as that sensation takes over your body completely.

And your mind.

Those eyes are so heavy now.

Deeper and deeper.

All that way down.

Feeling a sense of calm relaxation flooding you completely now.

Suggestion Script

Now, find yourself floating in a safe place.

There’s nothing to do.

Nothing to see.

Nothing to feel.

Nothing to hear… but the sound of my voice.

And you will find that every time you go into hypnosis from now on, it will be easier than every time before.

Deeper and deeper.

As my voice goes with you.

It’s so easy to go into hypnosis.

It’s so easy to feel totally calm, peaceful and content.

And you can float peacefully like this now.

And every time you want to go into hypnosis in the future, you’ll find it’s easy.

Your mind automatically follows my voice.

You don’t have to do a thing.

Just drift peacefully along and allow hypnosis to happen now.

Drifting down.

Now, not yet, but in a moment, I’m going to bring you out of hypnosis.

And when you come out of hypnosis, you’ll find that you feel amazing.

It will be like you’re glowing.

Surrounded by a field of radiant positivity that permeates every cell of your being.

Safe and content.

Feeling that energy growing and glowing inside.

Stronger and stronger.

More and more intense.

So that when you come all the way out of hypnosis, you’ll find that you feel amazing in every way.

Bring Your Subject Out of Hypnosis Script

Now, allow your attention to scan through your body.

Feel the sensations returning everywhere.

Wriggle your fingers and toes.

Noticing how easily they move now.

Allow yourself to discover that you can move your arms and legs again.

As you feel all those normal sensations returning fully, ready to come all the way up out of hypnosis on the count of 5.


Arms and legs moving easily now.


Feeling that wonderful, radiant, positive energy flowing throughout you.

Empowering you.


Breathing freely and easily and your mind begins to come up out of hypnosis.


Stretch your arms and your legs and take a deep breath in.


Eyes open, wide awake and alert, feeling that radiant positivity flowing through every cell of your being.

Able to move easily.

Thoughts calm, clear and focused.

Ready to get on with your day.

Welcome back. How are you getting on?

What’s next?

Now that you’ve brought them out of hypnosis, it’s time to check in with them. Give them a few moments to wake up fully. If they are having trouble, have them close their eyes again and run through the script to bring them out again, this time making sure that you use your normal voice rather than your hypnosis voice.

Remember: it’s impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. The worst that can happen is they fall asleep or end up zoned out for a few hours.

When they appear to be out, layer in a few more positive suggestions such as you looked like you were having an amazing time there… what was that like?

eBook cover The Two Page Deep Trance Script

Whenever you bring someone out of hypnosis, it’s a wonderful opportunity to mine them for information about their experience. Find out what worked for them, and what didn’t. That way, you can make modifications the next time around.

Always ask your subject about their experience immediately after they come out of hypnosis.

I find that it works best if I focus on improving just one thing at a time. That way, I never get overloaded.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this progressive relaxation hypnosis script, you might also enjoy my Two Page Deep Trance Script. It’s specifically designed to drop your subject into a deep trance as quickly as possible, even if you’re a complete beginner at hypnosis.

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