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The Two Page Deep Trance Script

Hypnotize People Even If You’re Not A Hypnotist!

This script uses embedded multi-dimensional fractionation technology to give the best possible chance of inducing deep hypnosis from reading a script.

Simply read the script and watch them drop all the way down.

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Deep Hypnosis in Just Two Pages

When we’re starting out with hypnosis, it can sometimes be tricky to know exactly what to say.

After a while you’ll come to appreciate that when you have everything else right, the words themselves don’t matter very much.

But at the start…


How often have you been an expert at something the very first time you’ve tried it?

I know I never have!

That’s what this deep hypnosis script is for.

If you’re just starting out in hypnosis, and you’d like a script to read to your subjects, and then take apart and tweak word by word to suit your own style…

Or if you’d like a script that’s been tested on the most hypnosis-resistant person I’ve ever met… and still worked…

Or even if you’d just like to have something on your phone you can read as an emergency backup plan when you’re lost for words…

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