Online Hypnosis with Max

I run one-on-one live online hypnosis sessions via Zoom Video Calls, and you can make an appointment on this page. These sessions are one hour long.

The current price is US$125 per session.

I only open up a few sessions each month, so if you would prefer another time, or there are no available slots, please contact me with the details on my contact page to arrange a time.

To book your one-on-one Zoom Video Call with Max:

  • Select your timezone and click the button
  • Choose a date you’d like from the available options
  • Choose a time that suits
  • Enter your details and pay now to lock in your spot!
  • Be sure to include your phone number so I can contact you if email does not work for any reason.
  • After you’ve booked, I’ll send you the details for your Zoom call, along with instructions. This part is handled manually by me personally, so depending on what else I am doing at the time, there could be a delay of anything from a few hours to a few days.

Book Your One-on-One Online Hypnosis video call

1. Choose your local timezone then click the button to verify
2. Choose a date for your first session
3. Choose a time for your first session on
Just US$ 125 when you book now!