Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

Transforming your dreams into reality starts with figuring out what you want. Then it’s just a matter of following a standard process, adapting it to suit your particular dream along the way, and getting a helping hand when you need one.

Over the past few decades I’ve used hypnosis for just about everything.

Like the time I broke my chocolate-eating habit that I talk about in Unconscious Mind Secrets.

A few days ago, for the first time in almost a year, I finally ate a chocolate.

I waited that long because I didn’t want to accidentally reinstall the habit.

And you know what?

Chocolate just isn’t satisfying to me any more.

I haven’t had another one since.

And of course, that’s not all…

Check this out:

That was the last sunny day we had here. As I’m writing this, it’s the middle of winter for me, so sometimes we have a few days in a row where I can’t sensibly go out walking.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the step-counter app that I use to track how far I’ve walked each day.

When it’s summer, this sort of thing happens:

Naturally, there’s photographic evidence from the top of the hill I climbed that day:

Parata Track Lookout View to South Island

Not the greatest shot, it’s true. But it was still a decent walk 😺.

All of this was done with a handful of simple tools. To me, it feels automatic. I even end up feeling excited to be heading off as I’m putting my boots on.

And the thing is, it doesn’t matter what your goal might be: So long as it is something that’s possible for you to achieve, the process for getting there is largely the same.

Some goals are tiny, like my goal to quit eating chocolate. Implementation of that one took literally only a handful of minutes.

And some goals are a bit bigger. When I go for a walk, I know it’s going to be a few hours before I’m done.

Some are bigger still. All those little walks of a few hours? They’re in service of the bigger goals of remaining physically fit, and being in a condition where I can walk the Te Araroa trail in the future. That one is over 3000km (1800 miles) long!

Here’s a local section of the Te Araroa trail that I walk reasonably often:

Te Araroa Trail Trees Along Riverbank in Waikanae

Which brings us to what this article is all about.

As I mentioned, at any point in time, I have multiple plans in progress that I’m working towards.

And over the years I’ve put together a very straightforward roadmap for making change and getting stuff done.

It doesn’t matter whether the change is big or small.

It’s always the exact same process.

I mean, sure, when it’s a small enough change, sometimes I don’t bother with all of the steps.

Like earlier today when I changed about the bonuses on this site. That one took only an hour or two, and it was a one-time code hack, so I didn’t bother much with planning. I just went ahead and did it.

But most of the time…

It’s the exact same steps.

So I’m putting together a program.

And because it’s the first iteration of this particular program, you can be quite sure it will change as we walk the path.

You’ll see why in a moment.

This program is designed to get you on track with achieving your goals and transforming your dreams into reality. It’s delivered online through Zoom audio calls over the course of 11 weeks.

The first version is modeled on the exact things I’ve had to do in order to achieve stuff like my automated daily walks. Which means that each session will typically have some combination of practical steps, coaching, and hypnosis.

The practical steps are designed with the intention that you’ll know exactly what to do.

The coaching means that you’ll be supported the whole way through the process.

And the hypnosis helps you to overcome any unconscious resistance you might face.

Since this is the beta version, what’s actually in the sessions will change as we work through the process and your needs become apparent. So consider the below to be only a rough outline and not even remotely set in stone.

Session 1: What Do You Want?

You’ll go on a voyage of discovery into your inner landscape. This step is crucial, because if you don’t know what you actually want, how on Earth are you supposed to get it?

This journey is specifically designed to allow you to follow a pathway into the future and find out exactly what you want. And if you already know, we’ll see what we can do about reinforcing it for you, making it easier to get there.

The Practical Steps involve looking at what kinds of things you’ve already discovered, and then expanding those outwards.

Clean Coaching tends to work really well for this kind of thing since it allows you to rapidly move beyond where you are. It also tends to be deeply hypnotic.

And the Hypnosis is the journey into your inner landscape.

Overall the aim is for you to gain a clear idea on where you’re going, and to start to have an inkling about what might be required to get there.

Session 2: What Do You Need?

Next up, we’ll figure out what you need. Since this will depend largely on you, I can’t say much more than that at this point.

The practical steps in this session involve looking at what you want, and figuring out what you need to get there. This could be physical things, or it could be mental things. It’s probably some combination of both.

I’ll use clean coaching to guide you through it. And then we’ll do some hypnosis to start the generative change process.

Session 3: Your Plan To Get There

Once you know what you want and need, I’ll take you through how to build an agile plan so that you’ll be able to tell how far along you are at every step of the way, and easily make changes as you go.

Then you’ll put together a plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

The practical steps here are putting together a plan and starting to build some motivation. I’ll coach you through how to build your plan, and then we’ll finish up with some hypnosis to build motivation.

This is the point where you officially start working towards your plan outside of the sessions. Although, of course, you’re welcome to start at any time, including before we even begin the program.

Session 4: Clear Out Those Unconscious Blocks

People usually have all sorts of unconscious beliefs that stand in the way of making progress. So this session is all about clearing those out.

Specifically, we’ll do some hypnosis.

The aim here is to get rid of anything unconscious that might be standing in your way.

And naturally we’ll also have a quick check that you’re making progress on working towards your goal. This accountability will be a part of every session after you’ve started executing your plan to give you the best possible chance of staying on track and achieving your goals.

Session 5: Build Your Success Habits

In this session, you’ll identify exactly when you’re going to do the stuff you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

Then we’ll construct some hypnotic anchors and future pace them so that you can build the habits you need to succeed on autopilot.

My walks are an example of why this step is essential. Had I chosen to go to the gym, I wouldn’t exercise because my gym-resistance is high. By choosing to go for walks in nature, and building appropriate anchors and habits to ensure that I do, they are virtually guaranteed to happen. And by intentionally designing them so that I don’t even try to go out when the weather is bad, I ensure that I maintain motivation and keep on doing them.

It’s vital that whatever habits you build are designed to fit in with your life and with what you are confident you will be able to do.

In practical terms, this session is all about putting things in place to give you the best possible chance of actually executing your plan. We’ll use some hypnosis to do that, and of course, we’ll include accountability coaching to keep you on track.

Session 6: Connect To Your Innate Positivity

Here’s a simple truth: It’s much easier to do stuff when we have a positive frame of mind.

So in this session, you’ll go on a journey into positivity and we’ll attach it to your dream. If you’d like to see a simplified and cut-down version of this step, you might like to check out my mini-book The Nexus Protocol.

By now you should be starting to feel excited every time you even think about doing stuff that takes you towards your goal.

Session 7: Fail Your Way To Success

One thing that really stuck out to me as a scientist working in the corporate world was how far most people are from seeing failure as a positive thing.

You see, to a scientist, there’s not really such a thing as failure.

At least, not in the context of achieving stuff.

We’ll build the scientist mindset, so that you’ll come to view failures as crucial steps that accelerate your journey on the pathway to success.

If “failure” has ever left you feeling demoralized, the point of this step is to ensure that it instead leaves you feeling at least pleased to be one step closer to your goal.

And of course, we’ll include some accountability coaching to keep you on track.

Session 8: The Power of The Kludge

Let’s see if I can put this succinctly…

Perfectionism is very sub-optimal.

So in this step, we’ll get you onboard with working with kludges. Or put another way, getting something working first, then make iterative improvements only as needed.

And if you’re someone who has a need for perfection, we’ll do some hypnosis to redirect that into something more useful. That way, you get to be a perfectionist about your perfectionism!

Believe me, as a physicist, I know all about how powerful a driver the need for perfection can be.

Session 9: Overcome Fear

While you’re in the program, you’re probably not going to procrastinate much because people tend to have a heightened desire to do stuff when they know exactly what the next step is.

But there’s a danger that once someone has finished the program, they’ll fall into a pattern of putting things off.

So this session is designed to minimize the risk of that happening.

Procrastination is often caused by a fear of the unknown. Coupled with not really knowing what to do next.

Since we’re now getting toward the end of the program, we’ll aim to knock out any left-over procrastination with hypnosis.

Session 10: Adaptation Is Vital

By now some parts of your plan will certainly have failed, so we’ll go over exactly what to do about that.

Here’s a hint: All good plans fail along the way to success. If your plan doesn’t fail, it is only because your goal isn’t big enough, or you’ve spent too much time thinking and not enough time doing.

Either way, the aim is to make sure that when stuff does go wrong, you’re adapting and staying on track.

Session 11: Putting It All Together

Your plan is well underway, so it’s time to go through everything.

Depending on the scope of your plan, you could be just getting started, or you could be nearing completion. Or anywhere in between.

Time frames for my own plans range from a few minutes to multiple years.

We’ll quickly go over what’s been covered so far. Then we’ll most likely do some hypnosis to reinforce your habits to keep you doing it in the future. And of course, there will be the usual coaching to keep you on track.

The aim is that by the end of this session, you’ll have a clear view on exactly what needs to happen in order for you to achieve your goal. And that you’ll have the mental tools that make it easy to get there.

In Every Session

This is a coaching program, so quite naturally every session will include the usual coaching stuff to keep you on track, in addition to what’s mentioned above.

And of course, since it’s the beta version of the program, we’ll chop and change as we go to suit your needs.

On-Call Support For The Duration

I want to give you the best possible chance of success. In order for that to happen, it’s important that you have the support you need throughout the program.

It’s equally important that you don’t spend all your time in calls and not executing your plan.

So if you get stuck, all you have to do is drop me a line and we’ll book you in for another session to get you unstuck as quickly as possible.

It also means that you won’t be locked in to a rigid structure. The truth is that for some people, it’s best if there’s a single session every week, while for others, shorter daily sessions are more helpful.

You’ll receive at least the 11 one-on-one sessions with me, and I’ll effectively provide on-call support for the duration of the program.

Which means that not only do you get to help shape the program to suit whatever works best for you…

You’ll also be supported throughout the process.

How to Get Started

I want you to succeed, so it’s in my interests to verify that I can help you.

So what I’m going to do is give you the first session on the house, subject to availability.

All you have to do is click the button, fill out your details (so I can work out a time that suits both of us), and pay the massive $0 fee for the first session. Then I’ll get back to you by email suggesting a date and time for your first session. I’m in New Zealand, so allow a day or so for that to happen.

We’ll have the first session, and then at the end of your first session, only if we’re both happy that this program can help you on the pathway to transforming your reality, we’ll sign you up for the full program.

Bear in mind that there’s only one of me, and my time is limited, which means that there’s only a small number of these sessions available. So if you’d like one, grab it now!

My Availability In Different Time Zones

I’m located in New Zealand, and sessions can typically start between about 10am and 10pm in my time zone. Here’s what that looks like in a few common time zones:

UTC: 9pm to 9am.

US Eastern Standard Time: 4pm to 4am.

US Pacific Standard Time: 1pm to 1am.

Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 8am to 8pm.

I can stretch a little bit outside of these times, depending on exactly what we’re doing in the session.

Get Started Right Now

Naturally there’s only so much of me to go around. Realistically I can only take on about 10 people for this round of the full program.

So if you’ve worked with me before and you already know that you want this, you can buy the full program right now to lock in your spot. Just click the button and be sure to enter your email address and phone number on the checkout page so that I can contact you to arrange your first session.

And as always, remember I’m in New Zealand and have a tendency to go out on long walks. So it’s possible it will be up to 24 hours before I see your order and fire off the email to arrange your first session.

One final note: I’ll strive to guide you to success, and it’s important to be aware that it’s impossible for me to guarantee your results. I can help to steer you along the path, but ultimately, your success will come down to the effort you put in.

To give an obvious example: If you want to learn to reliably hypnotize someone, most people can do that in a lot less than 11 weeks. And if your dream is to bike around the world… it’s gonna take a lot longer and a lot more effort.

Click the appropriate button to join, and I’ll see you on your first session!

Or alternatively, to lock in your spot in the full program today:

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