How to Become One With The Universe

To become one with the universe, it’s necessary to progressively move your awareness outwards from your body into other objects, creatures and things. At each step, increase the size of the thing you are being. This process is straightforward and can be completed within a few minutes with a little practice.

You can use this process on yourself, and you can guide others through it, either as a meditation or as a part of a hypnosis session.

Prepare yourself for a trip

Regardless of whether you want to become one with the universe with self-hypnosis, meditation, as a gateway to lucid dreaming, or for some other reason, the very first step is to prepare yourself for the trip.

Naturally, if you’re planning to fall asleep as a part of the process, you will want to set yourself up for sleep first. You know the drill: Check all the doors and windows, brush your teeth, carry out any other pre-sleep exercises, and lie down comfortably. I’ve written about this elsewhere, so you might like to check out my article on How to Fall Asleep Even If You Can’t Stop Thinking if you need more details.

And if you’re not planning to fall asleep, this process can be run while you are lying down, sitting or even standing. I recommend lying down or sitting the first few times you run through it.

As with other forms of hypnosis and meditation, take the usual precautions. Turn off any notifications, eliminate distractions, turn off streaming media, TV, radio, and so on, put any pets out of the room, and ask any humans to not disturb you for an hour or two.

Focus your attention inwards

Before we can become one with the universe, we first must connect with ourselves.

For the very first step, we’re going to collect our thoughts and center ourselves in our body and mind. You can use any standard meditation or self-hypnosis induction for this part.

If you’d like to know how to do this part almost instantly, you might enjoy my article on How to Hypnotize Yourself Instantly. In that article I give a process that can be followed to set things up so that you can go from wide awake and alert into a deep meditative or self-hypnosis state in seconds.

Move yourself into a comfortable position either sitting or lying down.

And allow your attention to shift to your breathing. Notice the way your chest rises. And falls.

Notice as many parts of that breathing as you can. The way your shoulders move. The feel of the air as it moves up and down your throat. Everything you can notice.

At some point during this process, your eyes will become heavy or will close of their own accord. Allow them to do so.

Follow all of the sensations associated with your breathing for 5 complete breaths.

Next, scan through your body from head to toe and back again, noticing all the tensions. Don’t try to do anything with them. Just notice where those tensions are located throughout your body.

Scan through your body and back again, and this time notice what color each piece of tension feels like as you scan.

Take a few moments to allow those colors to align to the color they want to be.

When I do this, I am usually feeling very light and floaty by this point. Others have reported feeling very heavy. And some people feel both light and heavy at the same time.

Bask in the glow of that right color for a few moments, until you’re ready for the next step.

Connect with nature

Now that you’ve centered yourself, it’s time to become one with the nearest part of the universe.

That’s the things around you.

Reach out with your mind and get a sense of the things around you. I find that the easiest way to do this is to see how far out I can hear things. Maybe you can hear a bus driving down the road half a mile away. If you’re lucky, you might be able to hear the ocean waves rolling in like I can right now.

Once you have a sense of the things around you, allow an image of those things to form inside your mind.

Hold that image for a few moments, then bring your attention back to your body and notice that brilliantly glowing color again. Be fascinated by how it’s changed already.

Reach out with your mind once again getting that sense of the things around you, and this time go further. Something will call out to you. Maybe it’s a tree. Or a bird. Or even a rock. Whatever that thing might be, allow your awareness to slip inside that thing and become it.

Take a few moments to experience what it’s like being that thing. What does the world look like to you? What’s important now that wasn’t before? What kinds of sensations can you notice? Go as deep inside your experience of that part of nature as you can.

Connect with the Earth

After centering yourself and experiencing being something else, the next step in becoming one with the universe is to move your awareness out further.

With a little practice, most people can expand their awareness all the way out to the entire Earth at this point. If you have difficulty doing this, simply create intermediate steps as needed. For example, if you were a tree, you might expand your awareness out to an entire forest before going on to encompass the Earth.

Move your attention back into your body for a moment, and notice how that color really is glowing brilliantly now. It’s probably become a lot more intense. It may even be gently pulsating in a good way.

Allow a smile to form, as your attention effortlessly drifts outwards, becoming everything as you become aware of it. Feel the roads and the cities. Feel the energy flowing through power systems. Information moving all around the planet at the speed of light.

Experience what it’s like to be an ocean. Feel the warmth of the sun, and the energy flowing up from the molten core of the Earth.

Give yourself the time to explore what it’s like to be the Earth. And when some parts take your fancy, become those parts for a few moments and experience being them.

Get a sense of what it’s like to be the Earth. And hold that sense for a few moments.

Expand outwards to the universe

Once you’ve experienced being the Earth for a few moments, it’s time to become one with the entire universe.

Allow your attention to drift back down to your body and notice how that color is shifting and gently pulsating. Notice how good it feels now. Bask in your color for a few moments.

And then allow your awareness to reach out further. The things around you. And on outwards. Feel the oceans and the cities and the forests and everything else.

Step out from the Earth into the Sun and feel the planets orbiting you.

Mercury. Venus. Earth. Mars. And on beyond.

Get a sense of what it’s like to be the solar system.

Then move your attention further out and feel all the stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Slowly orbiting the supermassive black hole at the core. Feel the boundless energy. Notice what it’s like as all those stars move steadily and inexorably in their cosmic dance.

Take a few moments to bask in being the galaxy.

And allow your attention to move out further, bringing in every part of the universe.

Feel the energy. Feel the size. And reach backwards and forwards in time. With your mind.

Become everything.

And hold that space for a few moments.

Noticing all the details. And the sheer scale.

You are everything.

Find somewhere to explore

After being the universe for as long as feels right, it’s time to find somewhere to explore.

Some part of the universe, some part of you, will call out to you.

Maybe it will be an alien world. Or a distant galaxy. It could be the moment of creation itself. Whatever it is, that part of the universe will call out to you.

And when it does, allow your attention to go there.

Feel that experience building around you.

Notice all of the details.

Notice the shapes and colors and sounds and sensations.

Pay attention to how it all fits in its place in the universe.

Take as long as you like to fully explore this place.

If you’re a lucid dreamer, this is an ideal place to pop off into your lucid dream. And if you’re not a lucid dreamer and it sounds interesting, you might enjoy my article on How to Have Lucid Dreams.

As you explore this new place, allow your attention to be drawn to those things that seem important. Take the time to experience what it’s like to be those things.

Bring yourself back to your body

Sooner or later, it will be time to return to the regular world.

If you’ve drifted off to sleep, this will happen when you wake up.

To bring yourself back intentionally, look around the place you’ve been exploring and say thank you.

Then, allow your awareness to expand back out to the entire universe.

Become one with the universe for a few moments.

Notice the spirals of the Milky Way, and zoom right in to that, feeling all the stars drifting effortlessly around your core.

And notice the Sun. Zoom all the way down to the Sun, and feel the planets around you.

There’s the Earth. Warp on over to the Earth and feel the Sun warming you and all that activity on your surface and deep down inside.

And notice your body lying there peacefully.

Move your awareness inside your body and feel all the sensations around you.

Breathe in.

And stretch your arms and your legs.

Take a few moments to reorient yourself inside your body.

Then open your eyes and notice how calm and peaceful you’re feeling now.

How to help others become one with the universe

If you’ve enjoyed this process, you may find that you want to help others to experience it too.

For hypnotists, this is easy. We just hypnotize them and give them the experience.

But sometimes it’s hard to find the exact words to use.

Especially when a process is new.

To that end, I’ve put together a hypnotic induction script specifically designed to take your subjects through a process just like the one in this article. And because the script was written by me, it uses multi-dimensional fractionation to maximize the chances of your subjects having an amazing experience.

So if you’d like to guide others through this experience, you might enjoy reading my article containing my Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnotic Induction Script next. I’ve designed it so that all you have to do is follow the instructions and read the script to them. Then allow them to lather on the praise.

Naturally you can change the wording about to suit the way that you speak.

If that sounds like something you’d like to have happen, go check out my Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization Hypnotic Induction Script right now!

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