Hypnotic Induction Script: Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization

Do you have hypnotic subjects who are curious about what it might be like to be the entire universe? Probably not, right? Give them a surprise treat with this script!

Some of the most profound trance states I’ve created in my subjects have involved transforming their perceptions so that they feel like the entire universe. This script is designed to help you to give that same experience to your own subjects.

To use this script, first read and follow the instructions in my article Hypnotic Induction Scripts: Visualization.

Then read the scripts in this article to your hypnosis subject to give them an experience of being the entire universe.

If you like, you can listen to me reading the Become The Universe Guided Imagery Visualization on YouTube either while you read along below, or to have the experience yourself.

This script can also be used for meditation and to bootstrap lucid dreaming.

Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization Script

Allow yourself to settle down comfortably.

Stretch your arms and those legs, and allow them to move into just the right spot.

Adjust those arms and those legs a tiny bit more, until they’re just right.

Take a slow, deep breath.

As a calm begins to flow through your body.

And your mind.

Already drifting down.




Take another slow, deep breath, all the way in.

Hold for a few moments.

And breathe out slowly, noticing the sensations around those eyes.





And one more time, take a slow, deep breath.

Feeling that body becoming heavier.


And breathe out.

All those tensions flowing away.

Feeling so comfortably light.

And impossibly heavy.

All at the same time.

Allow those eyes to close.

Drifting down.

Heavier and heavier.

Those eyelids are so heavy.

And you can allow those eyes to close just as soon as they’re totally ready now.

Notice those toes.

And wriggle those toes by the smallest possible amount.

Feel the tension in those toes.

So much tension required to move those toes that slowly.

Slower and slower.

Which means that you can allow that sensation to begin to spread.

And I really don’t know which of those toes you’ll find is the least stuck now.


Drifting down.

Deeper and deeper.

As that sensation spreads all the way from those toes.

Up through the legs.



Spiralling around and around.

Arms and legs.





Eyes closed.

Drifting down.

And I really don’t know which part of that body you’ll find can drift away completely now first.

And most easily.

You’re probably finding it difficult to move, and that’s completely normal.

You’re safe.

And drifting.


Focus your attention.

And reach out with your mind.

Notice everything around you.

The furniture.

The walls.

The ceiling.

And the floor.

Bask in the glow of that everything.

And move your attention inside the walls.

Looking into the room from those walls.

There you are.

Looking at that body.

Focus on just one wall.

Get a real sense of exactly what it’s like to be that wall now.

Notice the color.

Notice the textures.

Feel the energy flowing through that wall.

Feeling the energy flowing through you now.

And narrow your focus all the way down.

Deeper and deeper.

Zooming in on the details.

All the way down until you can sense that single atom pulsating in front of you.


Throbbing with a radiant energy.

Allow time to stop.

And rotate yourself into that atom.

Feeling the entire wall around you.





All that energy.

Right there inside.

Really bask in the glow of that single atom of energy right now.

Feel it flowing through you.


In exactly the right way.

Hold for a moment and bask in that glow completely.

And allow your attention to reach outwards once more.

Up and out past the wall.

Past the building.

Feeling the outside world all around you.

Reach out further.

And find a forest.

So many trees.

So many shades of green and yellow and brown.





Feel the latent power of that forest flowing through you.

And step inside and become that entire forest.

Become all those trees.

Sense the freshness.

And feel that calm tranquility flowing through every part of you now.

Energy flowing into you from the sun.

Drawing up nutrients from the Earth.

And out of all those trees, one tree will stand out to you now.

Allow your attention to find that tree.

And go inside.

Feeling the energy flowing through the sap.

Feeling the sun on your leaves and your bark.

Feeling the vital energy flowing up from the ground.


In just the right way.

You’re alive.

Deeper and deeper.

Follow your roots down into the ground.

Down, down deeper.

Past the soil.

Continuing on through the bedrock.

Reaching all the way down.

To the magma.

And further beyond.

To the molten iron core.

So much energy.

Feel that energy flowing up through your roots.

You’re grounded.





Energy flowing through you in every way now.

Allow your attention to reach outwards through the core of the Earth.

Feeling the oceans, the forests… the cities.

You’re everything now.

Feel the energy flow.

So many creatures and people going about their lives.

So many plants.

And you’re all of it.

Bask in that positive, glowing energy for a few moments.

Look up.

And see the sun.

Reach out with your mind and become the Sun.

Taking in the entire solar system.

Planets zooming around you.




And reach out further.

To the core of the Milky Way.

Feeling the pull of the entire galaxy now.

And allow your attention to spread further outwards, taking in every star, every planet, every part of the galaxy.

Spinning gently in the night sky.

So calm.



Really get a sense of what that’s like being an entire galaxy now.

Noticing the interplay of energy throughout every part of you.

Flowing in perfect harmony.



Drifting deeper and deeper.

And reach out further.

And further.

Taking in the entire universe now.

All of space.

Become everything.

And reach out further still.

Taking in all of time.

You’re everything, everywhere, everywhen now.

Feel all of that flowing throughout your body and your mind.

You are the universe.

All of space.

And all of time.

Pulsing gently in total harmony.

It feels good.




Drifting down.

So heavy.

Nothing to do.

Nothing to think.

Just being.

And allow yourself to bask in the radiance of being the entire universe.

Take a few moments to really enjoy just being like that.

Suggestion script for exploring an alien world

Now, looking inwards.

Allow your attention to wander around the entire universe.

All of space and all of time.

Take a few moments, and notice that one place that calls out to you.

It could anything at all.

A star.

A part of space.

A black hole.

Even an alien world.

Take a moment to find just the right world that’s calling out to you.

You’ll know it when you find it.

It feels right.

It’s pulling you in.

And allow yourself to descend onto the world.

Zooming there quickly.

Forming around you.

It’s effortless.

As you step down onto that world.

And look around.

And I really don’t know what kinds of things you’ll find there.

Maybe it will be completely desolate.

Maybe it will be a tropical paradise.

Perhaps there’ll be dinosaurs.

Or a myriad of alien life of all kinds.

Look around your world and allow it to form around you.

All the details becoming totally clear now.

Everywhere you look it feels totally real.

And you can take as long as you choose to explore this new world.

Your world.

Time has no meaning here.

You might discover that you can spend hours or weeks here and only a few moments will pass in the regular waking world.

Look around and take in all the details.

As your new world forms all around you.

Safe, calm and peaceful.

In exactly the right way.

Take your time and I’ll be silent for a few moments.

And when you next hear my voice it will be like a gentle beacon, calling you home.

It feels right.

Look around your world and notice all the structures.

Notice the life.

And notice the energy.

Notice how everything shifts and moves and fits together in a perfect lattice.

Just right.

Now, I’ll be silent for a few moments while you explore your world.

Naturally, at this point give them a bit of time to explore. If they’re new, a couple of minutes is plenty. If they’re a more experienced hypnotic explorer, anything from 15 minutes to a few hours is suitable. And of course, if you prefer you can also suggest that they’ll drift off to a blissful sleep and will wake up fully refreshed after exactly the right amount of time in place of formally bringing them out of hypnosis.

Bring your subject out of the Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization Script

Now, allow your attention to drift back out to the entire universe.

You are everything.

All of space and all of time.

Look around, nod, and smile gently.

Feel the energy.

And notice that one galaxy spiralling slowly away.

The one with the Earth and Sun.

Step inside our galaxy.

And become everything.

Billions of stars, all orbiting the core.

Bask in that energy for a moment.

Feeling all of it.

Flowing through you.




And focus once again all the way down to the Sun.

And step inside.

Feeling the planets zipping slowly around you.

And back down to the Earth.

It feels good coming home now.

Notice the oceans.

The forests.

The cities.

Everyone and everything going about their business.

And focus further down.

There’s that forest and your tree.

Energy flowing up from the core of the Earth.

Energy flowing in from the Sun.

And you know the way back from here.

Allow yourself to move back to your wall.

Look into the room and there you are.

And step inside.

Allow your attention to move back inside your body.

Arms and legs starting to move now.

Eyes becoming more alert.

Thoughts returning to normal.

On the count of three.

Take a breath.

Feeling amazing in every way.


And stretching your arms and your legs.

Noticing that everything’s working just right.


And knowing that you can bring with you any learnings and discoveries from your time on this trip.

Flowing effortlessly into exactly the right parts of your mind.

Arms and legs working normally now.


Eyes open, wide awake!

Stretch one more time and give your head a gentle shake to clear any lingering effects.

Feeling good in every way.

Welcome back!

Next Steps

This particular script involves quite a bit of fractionation of your subject as they move between different layers of the Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization.

This means that it’s possible they will still be quite trancey when they come out.

So take advantage of it!

Tell them that they did and amazing job and that they are feeling awesome.

Ask them questions about their experiences to bind it in.

Since there are explicit suggestions of time distortion in this one, ask them how long it felt like they were in hypnosis.

If they have any trouble coming out of hypnosis, know that it will clear of its own accord in time. You can speed it up a bit by having them close their eyes and counting them up from trance again.

eBook cover The Two Page Deep Trance Script

As always, ask them about what they enjoyed so that you can make subtle changes next time.

And as with all scripts, make your own changes to it over time. Change about the words so that it sounds like you. This script has lots of suggestions around calm, peaceful, tranquil and so on, and you can replace these words with other things you’d like them to experience.

You can also change out the entire suggestion script and replace it with any environment your subject would like to explore.

The Become the Universe Guided Imagery Visualization Script was specifically designed to guide your subject into a hypnotic reality. If you’ve enjoyed it, you might also enjoy my Two Page Deep Trance Script. It uses the same multi-dimensional fractionation as this script, only it’s designed to guide people into deep trance.

You can use it standalone, or as a lead-in for the script on this page to move your subject even deeper into hypnosis.

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