Online Coaching with Max

One of the services that I offer is online coaching. Coaching calls are delivered through either Zoom audio or a regular phone call.

Coaching calls booked from this page are 1 hour long. If you’ve not already done so, check out my article on how to get more of what you want.

It's usually best for coaching to be ongoing, so even though my current price is US$125 per session, talk to me for a monthly price for coaching designed to meet your needs.

You can also message me directly on my public Discord server for a chat.

On your calls, I’ll use my 20000 hours of experience with coaching and hypnosis to help you get a clear vision of the future you’d like, we’ll work out what’s important about that for you, and you’ll put together a plan to get you on track.

Then, if it’s okay with you, I’ll help to keep you accountable.

I usually run coaching calls as audio-only Zoom sessions. They can also be over a regular phone call. And if required, we can switch to video.

I only open up a few sessions each month, so if none are showing in the calendar below, please contact me with the details on my contact page to arrange a time.

To book your call:

  • Select your timezone below and click the button.
  • Choose a date that suits you.
  • Choose a time that suits you.
  • Enter your details and Pay Now to Lock in Your Spot.
  • Be sure to include your phone number so I can contact you if email does not work for any reason.
  • Show up on time for your Zoom call.

Book Your One-on-One Online Coaching Call

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