Quantum Jumping: Manifest Your Desires With Deep Trance

Quantum Jumping is a process in which someone merges with their desired future self. This enables them to see the world as it will be when they have become that person, which in turn realigns their thinking towards achieving their goals more quickly.

Quantum Jumping is entirely different to a quantum jump, which is a concept from physics in which a quantum particle makes a near-instantaneous transition from one state to another.

As might be expected, the web is replete with people claiming there’s some kind of magical manifestation principle in play. They tell stories about shifting to higher dimensions and alternate realities.

And that is certainly one perspective.

The reality is much more mundane.

Fortunately, this means it is also much more achievable.

The truth is that implementation is easy when you know what’s really going on.

The Core Transformation Process

In Quantum Jumping, we use a hypnotic transformation process to bring a part of ourselves from our desired future into the present. This is achieved by creating a representation of the future and then blending it with our present self, usually by means of Deep Trance Identification or through allowing a symbol for our present self to transform into a symbol for our future self.

Most transformations in hypnosis are achieved through a very simple underlying process.

Essentially, we construct an anchor for the thing we don’t want, and another anchor for the thing we do want. We make the anchor for the thing we want as strong as we possibly can. Then we fire both anchors at the same time.

In NLP this process is known as collapse anchors, and it is the core of pretty much all change.

Anchors, symbols, triggers, and metaphors are all different forms of the same underlying concept.

They do have some differences though.

Metaphors and symbols tend to be more dissociated than triggers, which are a lot more direct.

As a rule, we use things that are more dissociated to handle greater emotional intensity.

The 2 Cups Method Of Quantum Jumping

The 2 cups method is probably the easiest way to get started with quantum jumping. It works by building symbolic representations of our current state and our desired future state, and then symbolically moving from current to future.

If you look around the web, you’ll quickly find a lot of mumbo-jumbo about how the 2 cup method works.

How To Explain The 2 Cup Method

I’ve seen claims along the lines of jumping between dimensions, information being held in water, and more. It seems that as soon as people start talking about anything to do with the law of attraction, they imagine there is some kind of magic involved.

Since I’m a scientist, I much prefer to take the scientific approach.

And in science, there is a principle that when 2 theories can both explain an observation, we should generally choose the simpler one.

As it turns out, the 2 cup method can be explained with nothing more than a little understanding of the behavior of neural networks.

Human beings have significant resistance to changing things that we perceive as valuable on some level. We can bypass this resistance by attaching those things to something else, and then changing that something else.

Where a lot of people get tripped up is when they don’t realize what makes something valuable to our brain.

Our brains place a large amount of value on our current state and what we’ve always done, regardless of what that might be. This is true even when the things in question have an objectively negative value.

The important thing to remember is that the purpose of our brain is not to make us happy. Instead, our brain’s primary function is ensuring our survival.

Now it is true that when we do things that lead to our survival, our brains often reward us by making us feel good. This causes us to do more of the thing that led to our survival.

And in turn, that leads to the creation of habits that effectively automate the task in question.

Over the course of a lifetime, the end result is that most of what we do is on autopilot.

One of the easiest ways to change the autopilot’s course is to step outside of our usual way of doing things. This is where processes like the 2 cup method can be handy.

2-cup Quantum Jumping Step-by-Step

Here are the steps for 2 Cup Quantum Jumping:

  1. Decide on some future goal or state you would like to acquire.
  2. Come up with a word that perfectly describes your current state and another that perfectly describes your desired future state.
  3. Fetch 2 cups (you knew this one was coming, right?)
  4. Label cup 1 with the word that perfectly describes your current state.
  5. Label cup 2 with the word that perfectly describes your desired future state.
  6. Fill cup 1 with water.
  7. Look at cup 1 and take a few moments to reflect on your current state. Notice what it’s like. But don’t go too deeply into it.
  8. Look at cup 2 and visualize your desired future state. Imagine what it will be like when you have that. Notice what kinds of things are different and what it’s like having that. Go as deep inside your desired future state as you can.
  9. Pour the water from cup 1 into cup 2.
  10. Drink the water.

Quantum Jumping By Deep Trance Identification With Your Future Self

Deep Trance Identification with your future self may be used to effectively take on your desired properties and quickly move towards the mindset required to achieve your goals.

In many ways, the biggest single thing that holds us back from achieving our goals is not knowing what to do next.

When something is new to us, most of us have to take concrete steps and work through a research phase to figure out what to do.

The Self-Hypnosis Formula audio program by Max Trance

Often there are many possible pathways. And usually, several of these will be good enough to get us started.

Most of us can quickly whittle down a large number of possibilities to a handful. Then we get stuck.

Here’s the thing though: At this point, it usually doesn’t matter very much which one we choose.

What does matter is making the choice and getting started.

When we move ourselves into our future self, we can clearly see all the choices we made.

This is the core of how this type of Quantum Jumping works. We take away all the decisions that could stand in our way by having already made them.

Future-Self Quantum Jumping Step-by-Step

Here are the steps for Quantum Jumping directly into your future self:

  1. Decide on your desired future state.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine a pathway.
  3. Walk along the pathway noticing all the details.
  4. Find a portal or doorway.
  5. Allow your desired future self to materialize on the other side of the portal. Take some time to really go inside that future you and see the world as they see it. Notice all the details you can about their life.
  6. Open the portal.
  7. Blend with your future self. This can be by hugging them, allowing your essence to drift into them, or any other means you like.
  8. Travel back down the pathway, bringing your future self with you.

Magnifying The Effects

Quantum Jumping can be made more effective by utilizing self-hypnosis to intensify the effects.

Hypnosis can be a state of increased focus on one specific thing.

When just one thing is occupying our mind it becomes the most important thing in that moment.

As you might imagine, this helps immensely with Quantum Jumping since the new neural pathways that lead to our desired future state will be laid much more effectively.

Best of all, self-hypnosis is a skill that just about anyone can quickly and easily learn.

How quickly, you ask? It took me about 2 hours to go from first hearing about self-hypnosis to being able to experience some convincing effects.

To use self-hypnosis with Quantum Jumping, simply hypnotize yourself before you begin the transformation process.

This means that with the 2 cup method, you would hypnotize yourself right after you fill the first cup with water. And with the deep trance identification method, you would hypnotize yourself immediately after deciding on your goal right at the start.

Now you might be thinking that it could take 10 or 20 minutes to induce self-hypnosis.

Not so!

When I want to hypnotize myself, I simply fire an anchor inside my mind and I’m there in an instant.

If you’d like to supercharge your Quantum Jumping, go check out my article on how to hypnotize yourself on demand right now!

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