Hypnosis Script: Become a Rock

Transform your hypnosis subject into a sturdy, impervious rock with this hypno-transformation script. Use it to hypnotically imbue them with the unchanging and timeless properties of rock and then allow them to meditate from that place.

As you might imagine for a script about turning someone into a rock, this script has been designed to help your subjects build internal stability.

Before you read the script to your subject, be sure to go through my instructions for hypnotic transformation scripts.

Have your subject sit somewhere comfortable. You can also have them lie down if you make some minor changes to the script.

Once they are comfortable and ready to begin, read the script to them, then test the triggers using the instructions below the script.

If you like, you can check out my recording of this script on youtube, only without the triggers.

Triggers installed by this script:

  • ROCK MODE NOW sends your subject into hypnosis and turns them into a rock.
  • ROCK MODE OFF brings your subject out of hypnosis and reverts them to human.

Become a Rock hypno-transformation script

Allow yourself to settle down comfortably.

Arms and legs moving ever so slightly to find exactly the right place to be.

Now, focus your attention on your left hand.

Scan through that left hand, and try out those fingers.

Wriggle those fingers and notice that as you’re wriggling those fingers, you really can notice the different positions.

And as you scan through each of those positions, take a moment to pay attention to how the tensions in those fingers change.

Maybe you’ll notice how the temperatures are ever so slightly different as you scan from fingertip to wrist.

Perhaps the little finger is a tiny bit cooler than the thumb.

Or even a tiny bit warmer.


Notice the feel of the air against your skin.

Almost imperceptible.

And you can allow those fingers to slow right down.

Moving half as fast.

And half as fast again.

And as those fingers automatically slow right down now.

You might begin to notice.

How the tensions shift.

And move.

Deep down inside.

It’s a curious thing.

As those fingers slow right down.

The tension increases.

And those fingers slow all the way down.

Move those fingers by the smallest amount possible.

It’s fascinating.

Going inside.

Because there are other things that don’t move at all.

Just like those fingers.

Slowing right down now.

And as those fingers are slowing all the way down.

You might begin to wonder.

How quickly.

That sensation will spread.

All the way from those fingers.

Up that left arm.

Every muscle.

Slowing right down.

As that sensation flows through it.

All the way up that left arm.

Because when that sensation reaches your shoulder.

You will feel that sensation flow into every other part of your body.

Almost instantly.

Spreading out across the chest and down the right arm.

All the way down the body.

Upper legs.

Lower legs.


All comfortably numb.

And there comes a point when you realize.

You cannot move at all.




Take a few moments to really bask in that.

Totally inert.

Not moving.


A bit like a rock basking in the warm sunshine.

Feeling the gentle breeze whisking past.

Maybe giving you goosebumps.

Maybe not.

And you know what rocks are like.



Nothing bothers them.

And the thing is.

There are so many different kinds of rocks.

Some of them are tiny.

Making up pathways.

Or a pebble beach with the waves rolling in.

Other rocks are a bit bigger.

Flowing down rivers and streams.

And some are huge boulders.

Or bedrock.

So take a moment, and think through all the kinds of rock.

Noticing the textures.

How rough.

Or how smooth.

The surface of just the right rock might be.

Imagine your palm on the surface of that rock.

Feeling it’s innate rock-ness flowing into your hand.

Are the edges smooth and rounded?

Or are those edges sharp?

What colour is that rock?

You’re rock.

And as you’re imagining your palm in contact with that rock.

Allow yourself to drift gently.

Noticing all the details inside.

You’re rock.

Maybe it’s hard and polished, like marble.

Or perhaps there’s a sparkling vein of something.

Special colours.


Go deeper.

And allow your attention to rotate around.

Imagining what it might be like to be.

You’re rock.



Drifting peacefully.

It seems like a simple thing, being a rock.

And yet.

So much complexity within that simple.

Feel your innate rock-ness from the inside.

Know that from this place, you can look out at the world and everything just flows on by.

You’re impervious.

Nothing bothers you.

Solid, safe and secure.

Basking in the sun.

Take a few moments to really get in touch with your rock-ness.

And as you’re being that rock, become aware that you can be that rock while the world is turbulent around you.

Things shift and move.

And when it’s appropriate for you to do so, you find that you remain solid and unchanging.

Easily able to handle anything that comes your way.

The world can do whatever it wants, and you still feel that inner peace.

That inner solidity.

With those glowing veins flowing through you.

Nothing disturbs you.

It’s easy.

Being that rock.

You’re rock.

Undisturbed by the goings-on in the world.

Seeing things clearly now.




Take a few moments more to really experience the world as that rock, completely unaffected by the unimportant things going on around you.

[Pause for a few seconds]

Now, as you’re basking in those feelings, we’re going to install some triggers so that you can come back here to this rock state any time you choose.

From now on, every time you hear me say the phrase ROCK MODE NOW, you will find that you immediately and automatically return to this state.

Calm, peaceful, and unaffected by the unimportant things.

When you hear me say the phrase ROCK MODE NOW, your mind and your body will immediately return to this state so long as it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Being in this state, you will be totally unaffected by the unimportant things in the world outside, and you’ll find that you can easily focus on exactly what’s important inside.

Hearing me say ROCK MODE NOW will always automatically and immediately bring you back to this state only when it’s safe and appropriate for you to do so.

Any thoughts you are having will immediately drift away when you hear me say the phrase ROCK MODE NOW, replaced by calm, peaceful, acceptance.

The phrase ROCK MODE NOW is forever a part of you now, and hearing me say the words ROCK MODE NOW will always return you to this place of deep meditation so long as it is safe and appropriate.

When you are in this state, you will find that you can drift peacefully for as long as you choose, coming up out of hypnosis at exactly the right time.

You will find that you can easily meditate and contemplate without being bothered by the unimportant things outside.

And when you are in this state, hearing the phrase ROCK MODE OFF will immediately return you to your regular waking self, coming all the way out of hypnosis, bringing any changes and discoveries with you.

The phrase ROCK MODE OFF will always bring you right out of hypnosis right away, only as quickly as you can bring any important discoveries and revelations with you into the waking world.

So from now on, hearing me say the phrase ROCK MODE NOW will return you to the state of being an impervious rock so that you can meditate for as long as you like.

And the phrase ROCK MODE OFF will return you to your regular waking state.

The phrases ROCK MODE NOW and ROCK MODE OFF and now forever a part of you.

The phrases ROCK MODE NOW and ROCK MODE OFF will always work automatically and immediately exactly as we’ve discussed.

So when you are being a rock you will be able to meditate for as long as you like, or until you hear the phrase ROCK MODE OFF.

Now, on the count of 3, you will come all the way out of hypnosis and the phrases ROCK MODE NOW and ROCK MODE OFF are forever a part of you.


Sensations starting to return to your arms, legs, and the rest of your body.


Stretching those arms and legs. Noticing that everything is returning to normal.


Eyes open and back in the waking world. Only as quickly as you can bring all of those changes with you, knowing that the phrases ROCK MODE NOW and ROCK MODE OFF are forever a part of you now.

Testing the rock hypno-transformation script

As always, your subject will probably need a few moments to fully come out of hypnosis, so continue to give them positive suggestions while they do so.

When their eyes open and they look like they’re back, I find it’s usually best to say something like: Welcome back. Then make a statement something like: It looks like you really enjoyed that. What was it like?

Get them to talk about their experiences for a few moments, then tell them that you need to test their triggers. Ask for their agreement to do so, and when they are ready, say the phrase ROCK MODE NOW. Sometimes a single time is enough. Other times you may have to repeat two or three times.

After dropping them into rock mode, keep on talking for a bit about what it’s like to be a rock, before telling them that they can meditate now.

As a rule, after using the trigger a few times, you don’t need to remind them or do anything other than say the phrase.

Allow them to meditate for a while, then bring them out by saying something like: Okay it looks like you’re having an amazing time there, and now it’s time to come out. In a moment I am going to speak your trigger for you to come out and you’ll come all the way out of hypnosis and back into the waking world. Ready? [Wait for them to acknowledge in some way] ROCK MODE OFF.

Once they come out, take a few moments to discuss their experience with them.

It’s usually best to fire each trigger a few times in the same session so that the triggers are firmly embedded into your subject’s mind.

Next steps

Did you know that there’s a way to send people into hypnosis without really doing anything at all?

When you make this one tiny change, it can skyrocket your results.

One tiny change, and everything becomes easy.

You see, even though this page and others on this site contain scripts, the words themselves are only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

So what is this one tiny change?

Hypnotize yourself before you hypnotize your subject.

When you hypnotize yourself before you ever start to hypnotize someone, it gives them something that they can copy and model.

Since they can copy and model what you are doing, the words that you say become less important.

It doesn’t matter if you get things slightly wrong, because your entire way of being drags your subject into hypnosis.

The words are just the icing on the cake.

Don’t get me wrong. Most hypnotists still need the words to get their subjects to do certain things. Words allow you to shape the experience that your subject has.

And when you speak those words from a place of self-hypnosis, they are imbued with far more power and meaning.

So if you’d like everything you do to become more hypnotic.

If you’d like your subjects to easily fall into hypnosis even when you mess up the words.

Or even if you’d just like to be able to experience part of what your subject does so that you can be more effective.

You need to learn instant self-hypnosis.

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