Hypno-Transformation Script Instructions

Follow these hypno-transformation script instructions to transform your hypnosis subject into something else. First, set up your environment for success by minimizing interruptions and ensuring that your subject complies with your directions. Then go into hypnosis yourself and read the script of your choice to them. Finally, test any triggers that are installed.

Hypnotic transformation scripts are designed to help give hypnosis subjects the experience of becoming something else for a time.

This can be for multiple purposes, including meditation, personal growth and transformation, and having fun. Suggested purposes are included in the documentation for each script. You can also make an educated guess.

Most scripts include at least one trigger. The script documentation will tell you what they are. Usually there will be a trigger to turn on the transformation and another to turn it off again and revert them back to human.

Before you begin, be sure to read my article on hypnotic transformation so that you have an idea of how the process works and what to do to have the best possible chance of a successful session. Pay particular attention to the section on how to set yourself up for success.

You’ll also want to read my article on Visualization Hypnotic Induction Scripts for an overview on how visualization processes work and what to do if things go wrong.

How to use hypno-transformation scripts

To use a script, first work through the things in the section on setting yourself up for success in my article on hypnotic transformation.

Hypnosis is enhanced a lot when the hypnotist imbues everything they say with meaning. These effects are so powerful that quite often they are the only thing I use to induce hypnosis, so be sure to check out my article on how to use your voice hypnotically in which I go over some easy ways to do that.

Next, once you and your subject are ready, hypnotize yourself, and read the script to them. Anything surrounded by square brackets [Like this] is an instruction for the hypnotist and should not be read out loud.

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Your subject should emerge from hypnosis at the end of the script. When they are out of hypnosis, check in with them to see how they are doing, then test the triggers.

Most scripts install two trigger phrases. One to turn on the hypno-transformation, and another to turn it off again and revert your subject back to human.

Test the triggers by speaking the phrase in question. In the case of transforming someone into a kitten, it looks something like this:

Okay. Are you ready to be a kitten? [Wait for your subject to say yes] KITTEN MODE NOW.

After transforming your subject, invite them to do things that fit in with whatever they have become. Anything that fits will tend to work here.

This will usually be meditating by experiencing the world as something else, being a new version of themselves, or being another creature for a time.

Then when it’s time to bring them back, say something like this:

Okay. And now it’s time to return to your regular self. [Wait for your subject’s attention] KITTEN MODE OFF.

If your subject is enjoying their experience, sometimes a little more prompting is required to bring them back out. To do this, just riff around the basic ideas of returning to normal, describing what that’s like, and telling them that it’s time to do so.

Whatever happens, have fun with it. Your subject cannot get stuck as anything they don’t want to be, so the worst that is likely to happen is that they may continue acting that way until real life intrudes or they fall asleep.

Hypno-transformation scripts

Become a Kitten

Has your subject ever wanted to become a playful little kitten? This script was specifically designed to help them do just that.

Become a Kitten Hypno-transformation Script

Become a rock

Solid and timeless, the thing about rocks is that they persist against just about anything the environment can throw at them. Take your subject on a journey to discover their inner rock, and allow them to meditate from that place until they come out, or you bring them out with the appropriate trigger.

Become a Rock Hypno-transformation Script

Become a tree

Imagine being connected to the energy from the Sun and from the molten iron core of the Earth at the same time, while feeling all of nature around you. It’s intense. And also, a perfect place to meditate.

Become a Tree Hypno-transformation Script

Journey to inner reflection

Take your subject on a journey along a hidden pathway, up some steps and into an ancient stone building. Inside the building they’ll find a gateway into a garden where they are free to move around any hypnotic symbols they might find to create a new reality for themselves.

Journey to Inner Reflection Hypnosis Script

Next steps

So you’ve made it all the way to the end and you’re wondering what’s next!

The best hypnosis relies on live feedback between the hypnotist and subject. To become exceptional at hypnosis, it is necessary to create it dynamically in the moment.

Luckily there are lots of ways that this can happen, including more than a few simple little tricks that anyone can learn. Every trick you learn will make it easier to get your subjects into hypnosis.

When you learn and make a habit out of enough of these hypnosis tricks, something magical happens: People start to fall into hypnosis just from being around you.

If that sounds like something you’d like to have happen, go and check out my article on Easy Hypnosis Tricks That Actually Work next, and get yourself onto the path to becoming hypnosis.

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