Hypnosis Script: Journey to Inner Reflection

Take your hypnosis subject to a place where they can reflect on their inner self in peace and tranquility with this script to take them on a journey into hypnosis and meditation. Have them find and explore a garden, and then move around hypnotic symbols to make any changes to themselves their unconscious mind might choose. Or from your point of view as the hypnotist, follow the instructions and read them the script.

This script has been designed to guide hypnosis subjects deep into hypnosis to a place where they can explore themselves.

Included are two triggers to take them back there in future, and bring them out again. Because of the nature of this script, the trigger GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW will orient them at the start of the journey and send them along it, while RETURN TO NORMAL NOW will bring them back out in the reverse direction.

To use the script, follow the instructions and then read the script to your subject. This will take them on the transformation journey. After reading the script, the triggers should be installed and you can use them to allow your subject to take the journey again.

If you like, you can listen to my recording of this script on youtube as you read along. You can also grab the audio recording from my store if you’d like a copy for your phone.

Journey to Inner Reflection Hypnosis Script

Take a moment to really settle down and make yourself comfortable.

Stretch those arms, and those legs, and allow them to fall into the most natural position possible.

A position that feels.

Just right.

Now, in a moment, we’re going to take three slow, deep breaths.

And as we’re taking those breaths, you may find that your eyes start to feel heavy.

Begin to close.

And when those eyes feel heavy, you can allow them to close.


And you can begin to feel totally calm and relaxed, because we’re about to go on a journey.

Deep down inside.

So if you’re ready to begin, focus on your breathing for a few moments.

Slowly breathing all the way in.

As deep as you can go.

Hold for a few moments.

And breathe out.


Noticing that as you’re breathing out, different parts of your body.

Can begin to relax.

Take another slow, deep breath.

Placing all of your attention on just one part of.

You’re breathing.

Maybe it’s the way your chest tensions a little as you breathe in.

Perhaps you’ll focus on how those shoulders move.

You might even place your attention solely on the feel of the air moving down the back of your throat.

So many possibilities.

And breathing out.

Take another slow, deep breath.

All the way in.



Hold for a moment.


And clear.

And slowly breathe out.

All the way down.

[Skip the next line if their eyes are closed]

Allow those eyes to close now.


So calm.

So peaceful.

Now, not yet, but in a moment, an image is going to start to form in front of you.

You’ll find that it’s a beautiful beach.

The ocean lulling you with its waves rolling in on one side.

And a dense forest on the other.

And in the distance behind the forest.

A mountain.

Tall and majestic.

Breathe in that crisp, salty ocean air.

Feel those toes curling into the warm sand.

Soft beneath your feet.

It’s a beautiful day.

You can see the blue sky above.

With the occasional fluffy white cloud drifting lazily by.

The perfect day for a trip.

Allow yourself to orient into that you.

Standing on the beach now.

Feeling the warm sun on your face.

Warming your arms.

Your body.

And the gentle touch of cool breeze on your cheek.

Breathe in that fresh, salty air.

Tasting it.

And feeling the sand beneath those toes.

Look up and notice those fluffy white clouds hanging in the sky.

So peaceful.

And hear the waves rolling in.


And you can allow those feet to start moving.

Feeling those toes curling through the warm, golden sand.

As you’re walking towards the forest.

You look at the forest and notice it’s dense.

Almost opaque.

Green and lush.

And somewhere there’s a pathway through.

Take a moment to look around and find the entrance to your pathway.

Through those beautiful lush green trees.

And tell me when you’ve found your pathway.

[Wait for them to tell you they’ve found it]

Walk across the soft, warm sand towards your pathway.

And go inside.

You can see the trees clearly now.

Green reaching towards the sky.

As the salty sea air mingles with the scent of the forest.

Breathe it in deeply.



Feel the crisp, soft leaves rustling under those feet as you walk along your path.

And pause for a moment to look around.

Taking in all the details.

The pathway is covered in soft leaves.

Red and yellow.

And along the sides, stone edges made of round pebbles of many different colors.

Crouching down, you pick up a handful of leaves and feel their texture.

Dry. Crunchy.

Crumbling easily to your touch.

Allow the leaves to fall from your hand and watch as they cascade back down to the path.

Drifting in the gentle breeze.

You know exactly what that’s like.

Reach over to the stones, and look for the right stone.

You’ll know it when you find it.

Maybe it will be a dark green.

Or a translucent red.

Or even a brilliant white sparkling in the rays of sunlight streaming through the trees.

Take a moment to find exactly the right stone.

Your stone.

And pick it up.

Feeling the weight.

The texture.

Is it hard or soft.


Hold that stone in your hand for a moment, and notice all the stones along your pathway transforming now.

To what feels right for you.

Feel that feeling of peace and tranquility growing.


And allow your stone to come apart in exactly the right way.

It’s essence moving out into all of the forest and your pathway.

Permeating everything.

Look up and notice that you can see your pathway so much more clearly now.

Those feet start walking forward automatically.

With determination.

You’re going somewhere.

Feel the energy starting to flow through you.

Calming and peaceful.



In just the right way.

Each pulse running down those arms to your hands.

Growing stronger with every step.

As you walk along your pathway, taking in all the details of the forest around you.

Lush, green and dense.

Leaves crunching underfoot.

The pathway starts to wind up the mountain.

It’s easy to climb.

Almost effortless.

Continue along your pathway, paying attention to everything around you.

Maybe there’s a tree that stands out in some way.


Perhaps a butterfly catches your attention, fluttering through the forest.

Multi-colored and resplendent.

Almost glimmering.

And as you walk you might begin to notice things starting to shift and move around you.


In only all the right ways.

Take some time to really experience walking down your pathway until you come to a stone step.

And when you come to that stone step, your head will gently nod.

[Wait for their head to gently nod. If it doesn’t do so after a minute or so, continue on with the script.]

Reach down and touch that stone step in front of you.

It feels warm in the sun.

Covered in moss.


You turn around and realize that you’ve climbed all the way up the mountain without really noticing it.

Far below you can see the forest stretching all the way out to the ocean.

To the left, a river winding its way through the forest and down to the sea.

You can feel the sun warming you.

And the gentle breeze on your cheek.

Breathing in that crisp, mountain air.

Fluffy white clouds high above in the bright blue sky.

You turn back to the step and smile.

You’re almost there now.

Looking up you can count 11 steps up to an ancient stone building perched on top of the mountain.

Take a slow, deep breath.

And step onto the first step, feeling the soft, warm moss beneath your feet.

The step is firm and solid.


You step up onto the second step.

Feeling it’s smooth moss-covered rockiness beneath your foot.

And onto the third step.

It’s so easy to climb these last few steps to the summit.

Fourth step.

Fifth step.

You can feel the energy within you growing stronger.

As you step onto the sixth step.

Basking in the warm glow of the sun.

Seventh step.

Noticing the details of the sturdy rock steps.

Almost impervious.


You reach out and grab hold of a tree branch to pull you up to the eighth step.

And the ninth.

Almost there now.

And the tenth step.

And the eleventh step.

And you step up onto a short path to a stone doorway.

Through the doorway, into a large room.

Look around the room and take a moment to notice everything that’s here.

There are doorways out to other rooms in the building.

Inside this building is everything you might ever need to make any kind of change you can imagine.

And even changes you can’t.

Despite the exterior, the rooms inside this building can be from any time and any place.

And you can take as long as you like to explore.

Today we’re going to the garden.

Look around the room, and notice that one of the doorways feels right.

Maybe it’s glowing or shimmering.

Marked out in some way.

Or it could just be a feeling.

You’ll know it when you find the right doorway.

Take a moment to look at all the doorways, and then step through the right doorway.

[Pause for a few seconds.]

And now step through that doorway.

Into a beautiful garden.

Calm and peaceful.


There’s a tiny waterfall.

Green all around.

And as you walk through the garden, you can feel a real sense of total calm come over you.

Looking around your garden, you may find some interesting things to shift and move.

Maybe a tree needs to move a little to the left.

Or the waterfall needs to be a little higher or lower.

Every time you come to your garden, you can make any changes you might choose.

Only in ways that feel right to you.

And when you’ve made all those changes, and everything’s just right.

Look for the perfect spot to sit and meditate for a time.

It can be anything that’s right for you.

Maybe a spot in the grass under a tree.

Or looking out over the low stone wall to the ocean far below.

Find the right spot.

And allow yourself to sit in that spot.

Going inside.

Take a slow, deep breath.

And feel that total calm flowing through you.

Adding to the energy pulsating gently down those arms.

Growing stronger.


More peaceful.

Just breathing.

There’s nothing to do.

As you go inside.

Every word and every thought is taking you deeper into contemplation.

And you will find that from now on, every time you hear me say the phrase GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW and it is safe and appropriate to do so, you will immediately find yourself on the beach and will start that journey, just like the one you’ve just had.

Feet curling in the sand, hearing the waves rolling in, smelling the salt on the air.

Looking for your pathway. Noticing all the details.

And following your pathway all the way to the steps.

Climbing those 11 steps.

And going inside.

To just the right room for you.

Moving around anything you’d like to change in your garden.

Finding the perfect spot to meditate.

And going deep deep down inside.

And every time you hear me say the phrase GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW and it is safe and appropriate to do so, you will find yourself embarking on that journey. From the beach, up the path, up the steps, going inside the room, and into your garden. Moving things around. Finding the perfect spot.

From now on, when you hear me say the phrase GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW and it is safe and appropriate to do so, you will find yourself on the beach, or as far along the journey as you are, twice as deep as ever before, walking your path, up the steps, and going deep inside.

Into your garden.

Just the right spot.

GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW will always bring you back here now only when it’s safe and appropriate for you to undertake such a journey.

Take a moment to fully experience GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW, and know that from now on it will always bring you back to this spot, at least twice as deep as ever before.

And when you are in your garden, you can allow yourself to bask in that total calm for as long as you’d like now.

And I will be silent, and you can stay in this place of deep contemplation for the right amount of time.

It could be a minute… could be an hour… could be the rest of the day.

Whatever feels right for you.

Naturally if there’s any kind of emergency, you’ll find that you pop right out right away.

And when you’re ready, you’ll find that you can make your way back down the path through the forest to the beach and back into you.

Bringing with you any changes and discoveries you may have made.

When you are in your garden, it’s time to reflect.

Deep down inside.



And naturally, when you are in this garden and you hear me say the phrase RETURN TO NORMAL NOW, you will find that you discover it’s the right time. You will allow that thought to finish, and will step out of your garden into the room, out through the main door, down the steps, and down your path, all the way to the beach, taking any important discoveries with you.

And when you reach the beach, you’ll take a moment to fully absorb any changes, before moving back into the waking world. Arms and legs stretching and moving normally, eyes open and wide awake, feeling amazing in every way.

From now on, whenever you are in this garden or on this journey, and you hear me say the phrase RETURN TO NORMAL NOW, you will find that you travel back down your path all the way to the beach, pausing to bring any changes with you into the waking world, opening your eyes, stretching all your limbs and feeling amazing, having just discovered something new.

You might know what that something is immediately, or it might be slowly revealed to you over the days and weeks and years to come.

Every time you hear me say the phrase RETURN TO NORMAL NOW, you will find that you travel back down your path to the beach, taking any changes from inner reflection with you.

From now on, whenever you hear me say the phrase GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW, you will find yourself on your beach, toes curling in the sand, smelling the salt on the air, hearing the waves rolling in, and you will find your pathway and start on your journey all the way up to your garden, only when it is safe and appropriate to do so. 

And from now on, whenever you’re on any part of that journey, and you hear me say the phrase RETURN TO NORMAL NOW, you will find yourself integrating any important thoughts and changes as you move back down your path all the way to the beach, waking up feeling completely refreshed.

The phrases GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW and RETURN TO NORMAL NOW are forever a part of you, and will always work automatically and unconsciously whenever it is safe and appropriate for them to do so.

Now, take a moment to absorb all of that, and then allow yourself to look around your garden.

It’s time for us to help you go even deeper.

So take a slow, deep breath, and walk out of your garden, into the room, out through the main door, down the steps, and all the way down your path to the beach, taking those changes with you.

Stretch those arms and those legs, and allow yourself to come all the way up on the count of three.

One. Stretching. Arms, legs and everything else working normally now.

Two. Feeling a warm, smile come over you.

Calm, peaceful, content.

Three. Eyes open feeling amazing in every way.

Testing the inner reflection script

Once they come out of hypnosis, take a few moments to check in with them that they’re feeling great.

Ask them about their experiences, what they liked and didn’t like, and make subtle suggestions that next time it will be even better.

Then, after discussing it with them for a few moments, it’s time to test. To do this, just say something like Okay great! It sounds like you had an awesome time. So taking into account those things that you’ve just said, make yourself comfortable and let’s send you back! Ready? [Wait for them to be ready.] GO TO INNER REFLECTION NOW.

Usually when I set up triggers like this, I like to repeat them a few times to make sure they don’t miss it.

You can then tack on things like and when you find yourself in your garden, nod your head gently if you’d like to know when they get there. Usually it’s a good idea to give them some instructions once they arrive along the lines of and you can stay there for as long as you like now, coming back down your path to the beach when you’re ready or and I will be silent for a while now while you enjoy that and when you hear my voice again it will gently lull you back into conscious awareness.

Really you can put anything you like at that point that’s congruent with meditating in a garden on top of a mountain.

And naturally, when it’s time to bring them back to the waking world, you can do that by saying the phrase RETURN TO NORMAL NOW and giving them a few moments to make their way down the path to the beach.

Next steps

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