Hypnosis Script: Journey To The Moon

Take your hypnosis subject on a trip to the moon, then give them some time to explore to their heart’s content before bringing them back down to earth.

To use this hypnosis script, first read my instructions for hypnotic visualization scripts, then come back here, hypnotize yourself, and read the Journey to the Moon script to your subject.

Give your subject anything from 30 seconds to an hour or so to explore the moon, then bring them out with the Return From the Moon script.

As always, make positive suggestions after they come out, and take a few moments to ask them about their experience.

Journey To The Moon Hypnosis Script

Take a few moments to settle down comfortably, because you’re about to go on a voyage of discovery and exploration.

Allow that body to wriggle into just the right spot.

A little more.

Just like that.

Sinking down.

Not yet, but in a moment, you will feel those eyelids start to become so heavy that you cannot keep them open, no matter how hard you might try.

So don’t try.

When those eyelids start to become heavy, the time will come that it feels right to allow them to close.

Right now.

And you don’t have to think about where you’re about to go.

It’s enough.

You know that there’s a moon.

You’ve seen it in the sky.

And like everyone, you’ve probably wondered about what it might be like to be on the moon.

Bouncing around.

Giant leaps through space.

No atmosphere.

Nothing to hold you back.

So take a moment.

Sit back.


Sinking all the way down now.

Deep deep down until you’re totally comfortable.

Allowing those arms and those legs to move into just the right spot.


Now I really don’t know which part of your right foot feels the most comfortable right now.

Maybe it’s those toes.

Maybe it’s the arch.

Or perhaps even the ankle right above that right foot.

Right now.

Allow those toes to wriggle.

It’s so easy to move those toes.

And what you might not have noticed.

Is that it’s even easier to move those toes half as much.

Move those toes half as much again.

And half that.

And half that.

Slowing right down.

Until you’re moving those toes on that right foot by the smallest possible amount.


Deep down inside.

And I really don’t know if you’ve ever paid attention to all of those details.

Scanning through that entire right foot now.

Feeling all the different temperatures and pressures.

They’re almost exactly like the temperatures and pressures.

In your left hand.

Only different.

I wonder.

How heavy is that left hand now?

It feels good just allowing that left hand to sink right down, doesn’t it.

Totally calm, peaceful and relaxed.


And that sensation.

Can begin.

To spread.

And it really doesn’t matter how slowly that sensation spreads all the way now.

Will both of those legs become so heavy you cannot move them at all first.

Or will you discover you cannot move those hands at all.

Perhaps you’re already so heavy.

And those eyes.

So heavy.

So easy to allow those eyes to be closed.

Drifting off into another world.

All the way down.

Because in a moment, you’ll find yourself on a pathway.

It’s a curious pathway made of stone.

Through a tall forest.

Not what you’d expect on the way to the moon.

And I am there with you.

Walking side by side.

No matter where you go in this trance you’ll find that my voice goes with you.

Following you along to every place and every time.

Safe and secure.

Always there.

As we walk through that tall forest.

Trees towering high overhead.

There’s a delicious scent on the air.

I can’t quite place my finger on it.

But you know exactly what it is.

And it feels good, walking through the forest like this.

The path continues on.

One foot after another.

Step by step.

Along the stone path through the tall forest.

Until we come to an opening.

And in the distance we can see a monolithic tower rising up from the ground.

It’s a rocket ship.

Pointed right up.

It feels like home.

You feel drawn towards that rocket ship.

It seems so far away.

And yet.

One step.

And already, we’re half-way there.

Another step.

And half way again.

Closer and closer.

Zooming all the way up.

Until we’re standing right in front of that rocket ship.

Take a slow, deep breath.

And look up at that majestic craft pointed to the sky.

It feels right.

Now you might imagine there’s some kind of elevator up to the inside.

Look around.

And find the obvious path up.

It could be an elevator.

Maybe it’s a wire staircase.

Warm in the bright sunlight.

Or perhaps you’ll find yourself effortlessly gliding up.

All the way into the pilot’s seat.

There’s a blue sky high above.


It’s a perfect day.

No wind.

Not even a gentle breeze.

Allow yourself to drift all the way up into that seat now.

Buckle yourself in.

Make it click.

And look up.

In front of you there’s a giant red button.

No other controls.

Just one button.

It’s going to be quite the ride.

So take a moment to collect yourself.

Take a slow, deep breath.

Reach out and feel that giant red button.

The surface is hard and smooth.


Take another slow, deep breath.

And with your hand on the button look up.

There’s the moon.

Right there.

So close.

Hanging in the sky.


Allow that hand to push down.

You hear a click.

And a gentle roar.

Everything vibrates.

And you find yourself soaring.

Blasting towards the moon.

So very, very fast.

Faster than you’ve ever been before.

You race up across the sky.

Arching towards the moon.

Hanging right there.

Tantalizingly close.

You feel the vibrations stop.

You’ve cleared the atmosphere.

You turn your head and see the earth rapidly becoming smaller behind you.

And up ahead.

The Moon.

Bigger and bigger.

Closer and closer.

So close you can almost touch it now.

Floating through space.

And it might take a few moments to reach the moon.

Or it could take a few seconds.

You might even find yourself pulled in by the Moon’s gravity already.

So much happening so quickly.

You close your eyes for a moment and feel a gentle thud.

You’ve arrived.

Take another slow, deep breath.


Because it’s time to explore.

Allow a protective suit to form around you.

Encompassing you.

Keeping you safe.

Breathing easily.

Feel the snug warmth on your skin.

And allow yourself to float down to the surface.

Of the moon.


You land gently on the moon.

And as you land a small cloud of moondust puffs up around you.

You reach down and pick up a handful of moondust.

Letting it fall between your fingers.

The moondust has an unusual texture that you can’t quite place.


But also completely different to anything you’ve felt before.

The moondust falls between your fingers like sand.

Floating slowly down to the moon.

Tiny specks.

You look at one tiny speck of moondust.

And inspect every detail.

The colors.

The texture.

How it flutters down even though there’s no atmosphere.

Floating down.

Onto the moon.

You look up to the horizon.

So much to explore.

And wherever you go on the moon, my voice will go with you.

Keeping you safe.

Guiding you.

You take a step, and notice the moondust puffing up into the sky again.

Little clouds of moon.

And it feels strange.

Walking on the moon.

Another step.


It’s almost like you could.

Take a giant leap.

Flying through the sky.

And gracefully landing.

A much larger cloud this time.

As the moondust forms a cloud as you land.

You bounce.

Higher and higher.

Further and further.

Look around the moon.

There’s so much to explore.

Ancient valleys and craters.

Everywhere on the moon.

Now, in a moment I will be silent, and give you time to explore.

You will find that you have as much time as you like to explore the moon.

Even though only a few minutes will pass in the waking world, you can spend hours, days or even weeks here.

Exploring and walking all around the moon.

So many things to discover.

Such giant steps.

Now, look out at the horizon, push those feet against the ground, and jump across the moon.

And I will be silent while you explore.

Return From The Moon Script

Now, take a few moments to look around the moon.

Noticing any wonderful discoveries your made.

Memories to bring back with you.

Take a final leap.

Noticing the moondust billowing up around you.

And there’s your rocket ship.

Safe and waiting.

Allow yourself to float all the way up to your rocket ship.

Drifting inside.

Looking out over the moon.

So many memories and discoveries to bring back with you.

And there’s the giant red button.

Even faster this time.

You push the red button.

And zoom.

Blasting up into the sky from the moon.

Heading towards the earth.

You look behind you and see the moon rapidly growing smaller.

And ahead the earth screams up close.

Stars all around.

And you reach the atmosphere.

Slowing right down.

All the way down.

Take a slow, deep breath, and notice that somehow the rocket ship has landed.

Allow yourself to drift back outside.

And across to the stone pathway through the forest.

All the way back into your body.

Orienting yourself inside now.

Arms and legs moving easily.

Breathe in, and feel your body move.

Gently shake your head, and your arms and legs.

And allow yourself to come all the way back up, wide awake, feeling amazing in every way.

Welcome back.

Next Steps

When you’re hypnotizing people, there are a lot of hypnosis tricks that can be used to make deep trance much more likely.

In my case, what I like to do is use my voice tone, rate of speaking, and even pauses, to send people into deep hypnosis regardless of the words that I use.

Regardless of whether you’re at the stage of getting your subjects into trance by reading scripts to them, or doing your own on-the-fly hypnosis, there are a few skills that are vital.

Hopefully you’ve already learnt self-hypnosis as in the instructions at the start.

After that, a very powerful skill to gain is playing around with the different ways you can speak the words used to induce hypnosis.

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