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Unlock Your Hypnotic Mind Audiobook Bundle

Get ALL Of My Audiobooks At Once!

Included in this bundle:

  • The Hypnotic Mind
  • Unconscious Mind Secrets
  • The Self-Hypnosis Formula
  • Artful Hypnotic Anchoring
  • Deep Trance Secrets
  • Lucid

Even with no fluff, that’s still over 9 hours of audio!



The Complete Collection of Max Trance Audiobooks

Inside this audiobook bundle, you’ll find:

The Hypnotic Mind
My introduction to hypnosis and lucid dreaming for absolute beginners. This bundle is the ONLY place you can get this in audiobook form.

Unconscious Mind Secrets
How to leverage some cool tricks with your unconscious mind to get stuff done. I’ve used the stuff in this audiobook for just about everything, including overcoming an unfortunate chocolate eating habit!

I even tell you exactly how I overcame that habit, step-by-step. And no… I still haven’t eaten any chocolate!

The Self-Hypnosis Formula
My fluff-free guide to what I’ve found to be one of the fastest pathways into self-hypnosis.

Artful Hypnotic Anchoring
One of the most powerful technologies in hypnosis is anchoring. In this audiobook, I give you the no-fluff version of exactly how to create and use anchors that work.

Deep Trance Secrets
How to use hypnotic fractionation to guide your subjects into deep trance. Or use it on yourself.

This is my comprehensive yet fluff-free guide to lucid dreaming.

Delivered in MP3 format inside a zip file for ease of download. Just click the button to download, choose where to save on your device, then extract and you’re good to go!

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