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Unconscious Mind Secrets Audio Program

Tap Into The Hidden Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

This is the audio recording of my book, Unconscious Mind Secrets.

I’ve aimed to make this my fluff-free guide to taking control of your own mind!



Discover The Power Of Your Unconscious

Yesterday, I looked out the window as I was making my morning coffee. At that point, it was a gorgeous day. Perfect for a walk! I thought to myself.

I automatically made a tiny switch inside my mind.

And then I set about doing the rest of the things I had to do. Analyzing a bit of data… checking that everything was still running… talking to some customers… a few other things…

Before long it was lunch time, and I still hadn’t been for my walk.

And by then, the sky had clouded over. I checked the forecast, and noticed that it was going to rain soon. In the distance, I could see black clouds rolling in.

Inside my mind though, I’d already made the decision first thing in the morning, way back when I was making my first coffee of the day.

With visions of bright sunshine in my head, I pulled on my boots and set off! And 20000 steps later I returned home, having encountered no more than a handful of drops of rain along the way.

Now that might not sound like much, but within that story lies the key to getting things done. While I was making coffee in the morning, I created a positive association, and set a hypnotic anchor to get me started.

And because I took those simple steps, when the time came to go for my walk, it happened more-or-less automatically.

When we understand how the different parts of our mind work together, everything becomes easier.

In Unconscious Mind Secrets we go through a simple model of the mind, what each part does, and how to use the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind to get things done.

Did you notice that at the start of that story, I insisted on doing the other things before my walk? That happened because I used the same processes to set things up that way.

I’ve used these processes for just about everything, ranging from ensuring I go on my walks and do other things, all the way through to helping others overcome issues of all kinds. I appreciate that’s a bit vague… that’s because the stuff in this program is quite literally that universal.

I’ve aimed to make this my fluff-free guide to nothing less than the unconscious mind itself. The audio files are supplied in MP3 format, and as such should work on pretty much everything.

So if you’re ready to take back control of your own mind…

If you’d like to be able to get stuff done even when it’s hard to get started…

Or even if you just want to know how I used a slightly different version of the same process to overcome a chocolate eating habit in less than 20 minutes

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