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Deep Trance Secrets Audio Program

Rapidly Induce Deep Trance

This is the audio recording of my book, Deep Trance Secrets.

I’ve aimed to make this my fluff-free guide to using hypnotic fractionation to induce deep trance, fast!



Discover The Art Of Guiding People Into Deep Trance

This has happened to me more times than I can count.

Or rather, more times than I have counted.

I’m sure that had I bothered to keep track, the counting itself would be easy.

So what happens is I’m talking to someone about hypnosis…

Could be in chat…

Could be on a call…

Sometimes it’s even in person.

And then they drop what they imagine is the death knell…

I can’t be hypnotized.

This one always causes me a bit of internal amusement, because it’s pretty much impossible for it to be true.

They just don’t know.


If I’m in a playful mood, which is often the case, a smile forms…

Ahhh… That’s really interesting!

I nod a bit.

So I’m curious, because people tell me that they can’t be hypnotized all the time. And as everyone knows, even though our bodies are mostly symmetrical the matching parts are always ever so slightly different, right?

The responses vary, but typically they’ll respond with something like huh? and look confused.

And within a few seconds, they are completely zoned out.

I’ve used a simple conversational hypnotic fractionation process. And dropped them into trance without them even noticing.

Building the ability to do that kind of thing is exactly what Deep Trance Secrets is all about.

In this audio program:

  • How to generate states and why they are important.
  • The reason self-hypnosis is helpful when hypnotizing people.
  • What’s needed for deep trance.
  • How to use hypnotic fractionation to deepen trance fast.
  • A simple rule that enables you to pretty much never lose when hypnotizing others.
  • No fewer than 7 different things that I do to rapidly fractionate people.
  • How to practice hypnotic fractionation on yourself.
  • How to fractionate your rapport with someone.
  • And lots more, including worked examples.

I’ve aimed to make this my fluff-free guide to hypnotic fractionation and deep trance. The audio files are supplied in MP3 format, so they should work on pretty much everything.

And because it’s audio, you get to hear me actually doing some of the things covered in the program.

You can follow right along.

So if you’d like to guide people into the deepest possible trance states

Or if you’re fed up with people claiming they can’t be hypnotized…

Or even if you just want to use hypnotic fractionation on yourself to explore the depths of your own mind…

Click the button to buy now and you can get started right away!