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Moo! – Mindfulness for Beginners

Is This The Easiest Way To Get Started With Mindfulness?

My no-fluff introduction to Mindful Object Observation.

I’ve aimed to keep this book as short as possible: It’s literally been designed to be read from start to finish within a single 30 minute session.

Most people can read the book and work through the exercise in that time.

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Get Started with Mindful Object Observation Today!

Years ago now, I had a fairly involved chat with someone who insisted that they could not meditate.

They claimed to have tried everything.

So I asked a few simple questions…

It turned out that they had this weird belief that it had to take a long time to meditate.

This surprised me since it was precisely the opposite of my own experience

You see, back when I first started playing with the mind, one of the very first things I did was a simple exercise that can be learned in a few minutes, and takes mere seconds at a time to actually do.

And those seconds add up fast.

Especially when you do the exercise a lot throughout your days…

In seconds at a time.

And you can discover how in my book Moo!

I mean, come on now…

I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to call a book Moo! now, could I?

Especially when it fits in so perfectly as an acronym for Mindful Object Observation…

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