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The Nexus Protocol

Discover How to Love Stuff You Hate

All of us have things we have to do that we’d probably prefer not to. In my case, these things include exercise. Luckily, there’s an easy process that anyone can use to transform anything you hate doing into something you enjoy.

Inside you’ll discover the simple but effective process that I use to keep on doing things until they’re done.

I’ve aimed to keep this book as short as possible: It’s literally been designed to be read from start to finish within a single 30 minute session.

Most people can read the book and work through the exercise in that time.

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How Much Easier Is It To Do Stuff You Enjoy?

You know how it goes, right?

You just want to learn one thing… and then the course that it’s inside is a week long. It feels like it takes forever.

So I’ve decided to go the other way! That’s why this book has only one tool inside it.

It’s a quick and easy tool that just about anyone can use. Now that might sound like a bold claim… so here’s how I know it’s true: It works by using the core operating principle of how we learn.

I don’t even go into the why very much, if at all. Just a quick story for context, and then the process itself.

Over the years I’ve used this tool for every kind of process imaginable, whether it’s getting stuff done at work, sorting out things I’d rather not have to deal with, or even things like training myself to enjoy exercise.

It’s literally how I go about making pretty much everything I do fun.

Naturally, as with all things, getting it to work requires a little practice. But not much. I’ve known people to pick up the basic skill within minutes.

So if you’d like to start being internally motivated to do stuff you’ve previously not enjoyed…

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