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Don’t Forget the Zombies

That Time Your Hypnosis Subject Saved The World!

Do you remember the zombie apocalypse that happened in December last year?

Me neither!

But your hypnosis subjects might… if you use this script on them.

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Imagine Hypnotizing Someone to Believe They Lived Through a Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve played with a lot of stuff with hypnosis over the years.

From self-hypnosis through to programming people to experience video games as real…

Having them believe I am teleporting things around the room…

And more often than not, helping them to overcome problems along the way…

There are just so many… possibilities.

And you know what was one of the most entertaining out of all of them?


Just like in the song.

Imagine having your hypnosis subject believe that they lived through and overcame a total zombie apocalypse!

You can even have them excitedly tell you all about it afterwards, so you can share in the fun.

If you’re looking for a new trick for parties…

Or if you’re curious to explore and discover just how far your subject’s mind is willing to go…

Or even if you want to take it apart so you can discover how to have people create memories on the fly…

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