Pacing And Leading

Pacing And Leading: Sneaky Tactics To Persuade People

Pacing and leading is an iterative process in which small amounts of agreement are built and then leveraged to manifest a small change. These changes lead to rapport and may be stacked to create much larger changes. Pacing is done by copying some feature of the subject, while leading is a natural extension that follows … Read more

Online Hypnosis Video Call Instructions

Online Hypnosis Video Call Instructions

Most of the one-on-one hypnosis I do is carried out online through video and audio calls. Because it’s online, some of the responsibility for setting up a good environment rests with you. If you’d like to have a successful online hypnosis experience, take the time to go through each item in this article. Lightning Summary … Read more

Hypnosis vs Meditation: What's The Difference?

Hypnosis vs Meditation: What’s The Difference?

The primary difference between hypnosis and meditation is that hypnosis is usually performed with a specific outcome in mind, while meditation tends to be more exploratory. Meditation can be thought of as a subset of hypnosis since all meditation processes are hypnotic inductions. Sounds simple, right? As with many things, there’s a bit more to … Read more

Hypnotic States

Hypnotic States: Lightning Guide To Creation And Use

Hypnotic state elicitation and control is one of the more important skills for any hypnotist to master. A hypnotic state is a specific state of mind characterized by mono-focus. Useful hypnotic states are typically comprised of a clean emotion, associated contexts and frames, and a physiological configuration. What Is A Hypnotic State? A hypnotic state … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Habit (Fast)

To get rid of any bad habit, choose something else to do in its place, then mentally practice doing that new thing to build the necessary neural structures. Results can be achieved more quickly by using self-hypnosis to intensify the new action. What Are Habits? Habits are sequences of actions that our brain has automated. … Read more

Water Into Wine

How To Turn Water Into Wine With Hypnosis

To turn water into wine, recreate the effects of wine in the hypnosis subject, then anchor them to a specific glass of water. This is done by having the subject recall each of the visceral sensations that arise when drinking their favorite wine, returning them to neutral and restarting from the beginning for each step. … Read more

Ideomotor Effect

Ideomotor Effect: Guide To Unconscious Physical Motion

The Ideomotor Effect occurs when an involuntary physical movement (known as an ideomotor response) is caused by someone’s unconscious processes. This is a bi-directional phenomenon which can be used to mine the hypnosis subject’s unconscious mind for information and to drive change. This effect is the driving force behind many things that people commonly assume … Read more

Scientific Method

The Scientific Method: How To Understand Reality

The Scientific Method is a well-defined process through which we can formulate and test ideas that explain our observations of reality. The process can be summarized as: Make an observation, create a falsifiable hypothesis to explain the observation, make a prediction from the hypothesis, test the prediction, refine and repeat. When we have confidence that … Read more

Cognitive Bias

Cognitive Biases: 26 Brain Hacks To Upgrade Your Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be hugely aided by exploiting some of the many shortcuts that human brains make. Better than that, when many of these thinking errors are exploited simultaneously, the effects can be cumulative. This can lead to significant improvements in outcomes from hypnosis sessions with relatively little extra work. What Is A Cognitive Bias? A … Read more