Hypnotic Induction Script: Mountain Path Visualization

Want to give your subject the experience of following a path from a tropical beach up a mountain? This hypnotic induction visualization script was designed to do just that.

To use this script, first read and follow the instructions here: Hypnotic Induction Scripts: Visualization.

Then put yourself into a trance and read the scripts in this article to your hypnosis subject to give them an experience of following that path up the mountain.

If you like, you can check out my shockingly over-exaggerated recording of it on youtube before you begin.

Feel free to have a listen as you read along to get an idea of what it might sound like.

The Mountain Path Visualization Script

Take a slow, deep breath, and allow those eyes to close.

As you look ahead of yourself imagine you can see a pathway reaching up into the distance.

There’s trees all around.

Towering high above.

The sun’s streaming down as you step into the shade of the trees.

A cool ocean breeze touches your cheek.

You breathe in that wonderful, crisp forest scent as you step forward onto the path.

And feel the tiny stones crunch under those feet.

You pause for a moment and crouch down to pick up some stones.

Some stones are smooth and rounded and others are sharp and rough.

So many different textures.

You allow your fingers to slowly brush against those stones.

Noticing each texture in detail.

Sharp and smooth.

Rounded and rough.

And so many different colors.

You pick up a sharp and rough grey stone.

And you feel the weight of that sharp and rough grey stone in your palm.

The sharp edge tickles the tip of your finger.

And you pick up a smooth, deep green stone.

It’s almost translucent.

You tease your fingers gently over its surface marveling at how they glide effortlessly over that smooth, deep green stone.

It feels good.

You put it down and look at the other stones and notice that they’re all different sizes, from the size of a grain of sand to half an inch across.

So much variety.

Pay attention to all the colors you can see.

And as you look through all of those stones, choose just one stone that feels right.

Notice its color.

And its texture.

Feel the weight of that stone in your hand.

Get a sense of what that stone’s like.

And go inside that stone for a moment.

Feeling what it’s like to be that stone.

Sitting in the palm of your hand.

Then stand up as you and look along the path.

Towering trees on either side.

Trunks grey with age.

Green leaves high above.


And touch the rough bark, getting a sense of the texture.

Notice how cool it feels beneath your hand.

Feel the details as you run your hand over that bark.

Rough and cool in the shade.

Allow your attention to move back to the path.

And as your focus shifts, you can look along the path and see that it winds up a mountain.

There’s a cool breeze ahead.

And you climb the path, feeling the stones crunching underfoot.

You pause, looking at all the colors in the leaves.

Some are green and some are red. And every color in between.

You breathe in that crisp, fresh mountain air.

Now I don’t know exactly what your path’s like.

Take a few moments and look around.

Drawing in all the details.

And continue on your way.

Step after step, crunching over those stones of so many colors.

And as you’re traveling along that pathway, what I’d like for you to do is look for a doorway.

An opening.

A way to another place.

You’ll know it when you find it.

Step after step along the path.

Perhaps that doorway will be an arch between two trees.

Maybe it will be a tunnel through a hill.

Or a bridge.

Whatever it is, you will know it when you come across it.

Find your portal, and step inside.

Look around at all the details noticing exactly what’s here.

There’s probably somewhere comfortable you can lie down.

Or a tree you can climb.

Or maybe you’ll just float up to the forest canopy far above.

And look out over the mountain.

Behind you, the beach and the sea.

And as you’re looking at that mountain, you can allow yourself to drift into a more comfortable place.

Calm and peaceful.

It’s so easy.

Jump to the tropical beach

Continue on to the waterfall

Suggestion Script for Confidence

Think back to a time when you were absolutely certain about something.

It can be anything at all.

Maybe you’d just finished and exam and you knew you’d passed.

Or you’ve scored an impossible goal in the sport of your choice.

It could even be something as simple as you turned on a device and it worked.

You intended to browse the web, and there’s your web browser doing its thing.

Everything’s just as it should be.

Whatever that thing was where you were absolutely certain, think about that for a moment.

It doesn’t matter how small that thing was.

Just hold it in your thoughts.

You pulled the door, and it opened.

You did that.

Maybe you turned on a tap and the water flowed out.

You did that too.

Get a sense inside your mind of what that’s like.

You intend to do something, and it just happens.

You know what that’s like, right?

Really go inside that moment.

Allow it to envelop you.

Feel all the feelings that go with that moment, when you really think about it deeply.

That absolute certainty that you’re going to succeed.

It doesn’t matter that the task might have been small.

All that matters is that certainty.

Feel that certainty to the core of your being.

And when you’ve got that.

And you know that you’ve got that now.

Give it a name.

Tell me the name, or keep it to yourself.

And remember it for when I ask you about it soon.

Feel that name deeply, and know that it means certainty.

That name means success.

Bask in the glow of that certainty and that name for a few moments.

Now, allow your mind to reach forward through the rest of the day.

Or the week.

Notice the things you have to do.

And for each of those things.

Those tasks.

Allow that name to well up inside.

Shining brightly.

Allow that confidence to surface.

That certainty.

There’s the thing you have to do.

And there’s that name.

Absolute certainty.

Total confidence.

You know you can do it.

Feel that name deeply.

And know that from now on, any time you need to feel confident, all you have to do is remember that name.

Bask in its glow.

Allow its feelings to saturate your being.

Absolute certainty.

Total confidence.

As you see every task now.

And that name.

Feel that certainly growing.

That confidence.

Deep down inside.

And remember that name.

Knowing that you can call up that name any time you might choose now.

Jump to the tropical beach

Continue on to the waterfall

Bring Your Subject Down the Mountain Path Script

Bring them out of the tropical beach first

Bring them out of the waterfall first

Look around at the mountain, and out to the beach and ocean below.

Take a slow, deep breath.

And drift down.

Step through your portal onto your pathway.

You know the one.

And follow your pathway back.

There’s your portal behind you.

Stones crunching underfoot.

Trees towering high all around.

You touch the bark briefly.

Cool and rough.

You look down at the stones.

So many colors.

So many textures.

So many shapes.

Crunching underfoot.

As you walk along your pathway all the way to where you came in.

And the feelings of the sun and the cool breeze fade as you reach the end of that pathway.

You’ve arrived.

Bring them out of the tropical beach

Bring them out of the waterfall

Open your eyes, wide awake now.

Blink a couple of times.

All the way up, fully alert.

Next Steps

As always, now that you’ve brought your subject out of hypnosis, it’s a good idea to ask them about their experience.

You want to find out what worked and what didn’t work.

Focus on just one thing that didn’t work and make only one change for next time.

That’s how we get better.

The human mind can’t really handle enough stuff at once for us to fix more than one thing at a time, and the easiest way to improve is to exploit this.

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Only one thing.

No more.

Where possible, layer in the praise for your subject.

The more you can make them feel like they had an amazing experience, the more likely they are to volunteer again.

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