Hypnotic Induction Script: Forest Waterfall Visualization

Want to give your subject the experience of a waterfall in a forest? This hypnotic induction visualization script was designed to do just that.

To use this script, first read and follow the instructions here: Hypnotic Induction Scripts: Visualization.

Then hypnotize yourself and read the scripts in this article to your hypnosis subject to give them an experience of that waterfall in the forest.

Feel free to check out my recording of this script over on youtube.

And if you like, listen along as you read the script.

The Forest Waterfall Visualization Script

Take a moment, and allow those eyes to close.

Inside your mind’s eye, you can allow an image to begin to form.


You’re high on a mountain surrounded by trees.

You step through an opening.

And there before you there’s a towering wall of water.

A vertical cliff face hewn into the solid grey rock.

Water crashing down.

A waterfall.

You can’t tell how tall it is.

But it’s big.

At least 100 feet to the top.

Probably more.

You pause for a moment and look around.

It’s a small clearing with a deep green pond in front of you.

Nestled in huge square rocks.

The sun’s streaming down.

And the roar of the waterfall is creating a gentle breeze on your cheeks.

It’s a perfect day.

Not too hot.

Not too cold.

Just right.

Pause for a moment and take a slow, deep breath.

Imagine dipping your finger into that pool.

Icy cool fresh mountain water.

It feels so good.

So refreshing.

There’s trees on every side, and that solid vertical cliff rising high into the skies.

It’s awe-inspiring.

You breathe.

The rocks surrounding the pool are big enough to lie down on and bask in the sun.

You place your palm on one of those huge rocks.

It feels smooth and warm in the brilliant sunlight.

This would be an amazing place for a picnic.

Or a swim.

Allow the shapes of the scene to form around you.



Maybe there’s even a squirrel.

Notice all the details.

Pay attention to how things shift.

And how they move in the gentle breeze.

You can almost feel the spray from the waterfall on your face as it crashes down on the other side of the pool.


You look up at the cliff and notice shrubs hanging from it all the way up.

And there’s the pool.

So inviting.

Have you ever had a swim in snow-melt on a hot summer’s day before?

It’s glorious.

Take another slow, deep breath, and really allow yourself to experience that fresh, clear mountain air.


You dip a toe in the pool and it’s so refreshing.

You could sit on a rock and dangle your feet in the water.

If you so fancied.

Or take a few moments to explore.

Time has no meaning here.

So allow time to bend to your will.

You’ve got all the time in the world.

It’s so peaceful.

And calm.

Drifting down.

As you look around and find a place to settle.

In exactly the right way.

It feels good.

And it feels right.

You know exactly what to do.

Jump to the tropical beach

Jump to the mountain path

Suggestion Script for Meditation

Now, this looks like the perfect place to meditate.

Look around for a moment, and find just the right spot.

Somewhere peaceful where you can lie down.

Somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Where the weight of the world won’t bother you.

Find your spot, and allow yourself to float to it.

Drifting down into a comfortable, blissful position.

Allow your body to take on the form that feels right.

Exactly the right way for you to meditate right now.

Maybe you’ll be sitting cross-legged on a stone.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself floating above the trees.

You might even simply lie down in the tranquility.

Whatever it is, allow your body to assume that perfect position.

And feel your thoughts reaching outwards.

Feel the environment around you.

Feel the life surrounding you.

Even the rocks and the sand.

And go inside.

Deep, deep down.

There’s a key.


And you can allow yourself to know that the answers are inside.

Deeper and deeper.

All the way down.

An insight.

A light.

Look around and notice what’s there.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

What can you hear?

Drifting down.

Look around and find a symbol.

That’s just for you.

It can be anything at all.

You’ll know it when you find it because it will feel just right.

Find your symbol, and move your palm towards it.

Feel its energy.

Allow that energy to flow into you and around you.

Deeper and deeper.


Take a moment, and really experience your symbol fully.

You know what you have to do.

Take your symbol, and allow it to transform in exactly the right way.

Don’t try to do anything with it.

Just allow it to happen.

And then step inside.

Allow your symbol to glow brightly.

And fill you completely.

And when you’ve got that.

And you know you’ve got that now.






Allow your mind to reach out into the future.

See your days reaching out before you.

And there’s your symbol.

Always with you now.

Every event throughout your life.

And there’s your symbol, glowing brightly.

It’s so easy now.

Deep, deep down inside.

Allow that energy to well up inside you.

Growing brighter and brighter.

Stronger and stronger.

Until it’s brighter than the sun.

And allow that energy to flow into your future.

Every event.

Every task.

Every interaction.

Shaped in exactly the right way now.

Your thoughts are clear.

You know what to do.

Jump to the tropical beach

Jump to the mountain path

Bring Your Subject Out From the Forest Waterfall Script

Bring them out of the tropical beach first

Bring them down the mountain path first

Now, drift back down to your rock in front of the pool.

Look up at that waterfall towering over you.

Feel the cool spray on your cheeks.

Dip your finger into that glowing green pool and feel the fresh icy coolness.

Look around and say good bye.

And know that you can return to this place any time you might choose now.

Look all the way up the waterfall and see the water crashing down into that deep green pool.

Notice the rocks and the trees.

And there’s that opening.

Step through your opening into the trees.

You’re on the mountain.

Take a slow, deep breath.

Bring them down the mountain path

Bring them out of the tropical beach

And allow your eyes to open.

Wide awake now.

All bodily sensations returning to normal in every way.

Fully alert and back to normal now.

Next Steps

After your subject emerges from hypnosis, the very first thing to do is check that they’re ok and then ask them about their experience.

Find out what things they liked and what they didn’t like.

But while you’re doing that, be aware that them not liking something is not the same thing as it not being effective.

What you want to do is figure out what stuff is working for you. Keep the stuff that works, and change the stuff that doesn’t.

These scripts have all been written in the way that I speak. I have my own particular speaking patterns and favored words. You will have your own. Everyone does.

Over time, you’ll find that you can replace my words with your own. One of the most important things in hypnosis is to be congruent, and the only way you can do that is if you speak like you rather than like someone else.

eBook cover The Two Page Deep Trance Script

Start out small with the changes. Maybe you don’t like the word energy and prefer to use spirit. Whatever it is, the smaller you can make the changes on each iteration, the more easily you’ll be able to track the effect of them.

If you were to change the entire script in one go, you’d have no way of knowing what specifically caused the different outcome that you got.

As with figuring out how to make improvements, consciously our minds can only handle a tiny number of things at once. So choose just one thing on each iteration. Make the change, and discover what happens.

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