Lucid: How to Start Lucid Dreaming Even if You Never Remember Your Dreams

For most of the younger part of my life, I was never able to remember my dreams, let alone start lucid dreaming. Then one day, I came across a book on shamanism which detailed exactly how shamans are able to not only recall their dreams, but take control and shape them.

So how exactly do shamans learn how to start lucid dreaming? It turns out that there are only two things you have to know. If we want to take control of our dreams, we need a way to wake up inside them, and we need a way to remember them afterwards. And there’s so much more that we can also do within our dreams.

What kinds of things can we do in our dreams?

Once we’ve learnt to lucid dream, the natural next question to ask is what can we use it for.

The scope here is enormous. And the thing is that because we’re dreaming, it seems totally real to us.

In practical terms, we can separate the things we can do inside lucid dreams into 3 broad categories.

book cover Lucid Dreaming Planner and Journal

First, there are our lucid dreams for fun. Once we know how to take control of our dreams, we can participate in any activity we might choose.

Regardless of whether it’s basking in the sun on an isolated tropical beach, exploring alien words, or experiencing life as a different creature, it’s just a matter of choosing the basic framework, and we’re away. And it’s even better than that, because inside our dreams we can have a lot more time than in our waking life.

Second, we can have lucid dreams in which we study or hone physical skills. To do this, we construct a dream lab inside our lucid dreams and use this lab to spend hours, days or even years perfecting our skills.

And third, when we lucid dream, we can take part in activities that allow us to grow in other ways, whether spiritually, intellectually, or some other way.

How do we learn to start lucid dreaming?

As you might imagine for such a vast topic, there are many ways that we can learn to lucid dream.

I learnt from books, and there are also audio and video courses that you can buy, along with in-person trainings and retreats. If you’re really keen you can even go all-in and complete the trainings to become a shaman.

Now there’s an interesting thing I’ve found about with just about any kind of course, whether it’s a book, an online audio or video course, or even an in-person training. Most of them seem to have what I perceive to be an annoying defect. Specifically, they have too much fluff.

You see, when I’m learning something new, what I really want is to get to the point where I can actually do the thing without any messing around.

If you want to learn how to lucid dream fast, you need just two things:

  1. A guide to show you the path.
  2. A dream journal in which you can keep a log of your journey.

You don’t need to spend hours, days or even weeks on the basic learning. All that’s needed is a few paragraphs laying out each step, along with somewhere to write about your experiences, and you’re away.

How to Lucid Dream

Now, maybe it was just the books that I read. Or maybe it was the processes that I tried to follow. For whatever reason though, my early attempts at learning to remember my dreams were fraught.

Nothing I tried seemed to work.

Through sheer perseverance, I eventually got there, but it was a huge amount of work.

The problem was that I just didn’t understand how the underlying processes were supposed to work.

It should be easy, right?

I mean, can’t most people remember their dreams afterwards anyway?

I certainly couldn’t.

Lucid audio program by Max Trance

As I mentioned earlier, eventually I got there through sheer perseverance. But the fact is that it didn’t have to be that much effort.

There are only two key things you need in order to lucid dream.

First, you need the ability to wake up inside your dreams and realize you’re dreaming. If you don’t have this, you’ll never become lucid. The easiest way to wake up inside your dreams is to make a habit of carrying out reality checks constantly throughout the day.

And second, you need a means of recalling what happened afterwards. Because what would be the point in waking up inside your dreams if you promptly forgot all about it? It might sound crazy, but the way you do this is by keeping a dream journal.

Naturally there’s a lot more to lucid dreaming than just those two things. But they are enough to get you started.

Moving beyond the basics requires that we go a little deeper.

Get Lucid: How to Start Lucid Dreaming

To that end, I’ve written a no-fluff book on the topic.

Inside, I cover the handful of things you need to know in order to have your first lucid dreams, along with more details about the flashier things you can do after the basics are working.

How to Start Lucid Dreaming book cover

Once you learn to lucid dream, it’s possible to shape your dreams to your desires, wake up inside them, do whatever you want with full conscious awareness just like when you’re awake, and then remember them vividly afterwards.

Over the course of millennia, lucid dreaming has been explored by everyone from ancient (and modern) shamans, through monks and storytellers, all the way to everyday folk like you and me.

And as it turns out, when you add in a little hypnosis, it can become almost effortless to not only transition directly into your dreams, but to do so reliably, night after night after night, recalling them in vivid detail, often better than we recall the waking parts of our lives.

In this book, I give step-by-step instructions that have been designed to lead you to quickly and easily experience your first lucid dream, even if you’ve never remembered your dreams before. Just like it says in the title!

I’ve tried to leave out all the fluff so that you can get to your first lucid dream as quickly as humanly possible. And at the same time, I’ve aimed to include everything you need to go from your first lucid dream to having amazing lucid dreams on-demand.

You can check it out here: Lucid: How to Start Lucid Dreaming.

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