Time Distortion Hypnosis hourglass

How to Bend Time With Time Distortion Hypnosis

Did you know that it’s possible to experience years in the space of a few hours with time distortion hypnosis? Normally, we perceive time as passing much more slowly when we’re bored, and much more quickly when we’re having fun or fully engaged in whatever we’re doing. Wouldn’t it be better if it was the … Read more

How to Stop Someone From Freaking Out

How to Stop Someone From Freaking Out

Want to know the exact steps to take to stop an abreaction in its tracks? A few years back, I was sitting at one of my favorite spots by the river working through some training materials, when I heard this distant wailing sound. At first I thought it was a dog yelping, so I ignored … Read more

How to Hypnotize a Non-Believer

Want to know how to hypnotize someone who claims they cannot be hypnotized? One of the things that I run into time and time again is someone will tell me that they cannot be hypnotized. As a hypnotist, this makes me smile because to me their claim is the same thing as them claiming they … Read more

What an Amazing Experience of Hypnosis might look like

How to Have an Amazing Experience of Hypnosis

One of the questions that I’ve had come up time and time again comes from hypnosis subjects. They wonder if they’re in trance so much that they decide they aren’t and sabotage anything obvious that’s going on. Or they go deeply into hypnosis and have an amazing experience. And then afterwards claim that they didn’t, … Read more

Is Hypnosis Real?

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis is real? When you’re a hypnotist, one of the things that you run into over and over again is people who think that hypnosis is fake. And if you’ve had anything beyond the tiniest amount of experience with hypnosis, you know that it is not only real, but more … Read more

Hypnosis and relaxation

Want to know how hypnosis is related to relaxation? When you’re around hypnosis for any length of time, sooner or later, someone is likely to make a claim about hypnosis and relaxation. Quite often, this claim is either that hypnosis is the same thing as relaxation (it isn’t), or that relaxation is the only way … Read more

How to Hypnotize Someone in Text

Want to know how to effortlessly hypnotize people with a sequence of text messages? Hypnotize someone in text? Sounds crazy, right? Once you know the secret, it’s remarkably straightforward. All that is required is knowing what kinds of things consume someone’s attention, and then directing their attention to those things enough. Here’s how. Why Hypnotize … Read more