What is Post-Hypnotic Amnesia?

What Is Post-Hypnotic Amnesia?

Post-hypnotic amnesia occurs when a hypnosis subject is unable to recall earlier events as a result of hypnosis. Usually these events are restricted to those that occurred within the hypnosis session itself. The memories themselves are still intact. Post-hypnotic amnesia can be induced intentionally by the hypnotist making a suggestion during the hypnosis session. It … Read more

What is a Post-Hypnotic Suggestion?

What Is A Post-Hypnotic Suggestion?

A post-hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion given to someone while in hypnosis with the intention that they perform some action when they are no longer in hypnosis. This action can be anything that the subject is capable of doing, including thinking specified thoughts, experiencing specified emotions, and carrying out specified physical activities. Post-hypnotic suggestions can … Read more

Definition of Hypnotic Induction

What is a Hypnotic Induction?

A hypnotic induction is a process used by a hypnotist to guide their hypnosis subject into a state of hypnosis. Hypnotic inductions can be classified as direct or indirect, and as covert or overt. Rather than being distinct classes, all inductions exist on a continuum from direct to indirect, and from overt to covert. Direct … Read more

Hypnosis Definition

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is what happens when a person’s conscious awareness stops paying attention enough that things start to fall out of their awareness and as a result they cannot fact-check the incoming information. If this information is structured correctly, it flows into their mind unimpeded. The hypnotized person is known as a subject or hypnotee. Hypnosis … Read more