Pattern Interrupts

What Is A Pattern Interrupt? (Hypnosis and NLP)

A pattern interrupt is an event that causes the disruption of a habitual pattern that someone is running. Pattern interrupts are powerful, because they induce a momentary shock into the subject’s system, which temporarily consumes their critical faculty. This provides a gateway for injecting hypnotic suggestions, including those to induce trance. You might be wondering … Read more

Barnum Statements: How to Use Them to Build Rapport

Barnum Statements: How To Use Them To Build Rapport

Barnum Statements provide us with an easy way to lead agreement, build rapport, and even induce hypnosis. When we use the Barnum Effect to make positive statements about our hypnosis subjects, they will tend to agree with these statements. This makes it easy for them to lower their guard, which can lead to hypnosis. Sounds … Read more

How To Stay Calm Under Pressure

How To Stay Calm Under Pressure

To stay calm under pressure, move your attention inwards to focus only on the next step. Take 3 slow, deep breaths, and use gratitude to refocus your attention. Keep yourself physically and mentally prepared by eating a healthy diet, getting adequate exercise and enough sleep, and practicing meditation. Our brains come with a wonderful mechanism … Read more

How to Reframe Negative Thoughts With Self-Hypnosis

How to Reframe Negative Thoughts With Self-Hypnosis

To reframe negative thoughts with self-hypnosis, move your awareness outside of them and find some positives. Next, practice thinking the negative thought then switching immediately to the preferred positive thoughts. Make it easy to do this by first building and anchoring a powerful resource state. One of the biggest things that holds people back from … Read more

What Is Future Pacing?

What Is Future Pacing? (NLP and Hypnosis)

Future pacing is a hypnotic process in which a person is walked through an experience of already having the future they want. This is achieved by meeting them where they are now, then having them imagine that future. Future pacing works by helping the subject to remember to do new things when they experience specific … Read more

What Is Autosuggestion?

What is Autosuggestion?

Autosuggestion as defined by Emile CouĂ© is the implanting of an idea in oneself by oneself. Modern autosuggestion techniques typically achieve this through the repetition of positive present-tense affirmations multiple times per day for at least 30 days while in a state of meditation or self-hypnosis. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a way … Read more

What is Clean Language?

What Is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a set of questions designed to guide people towards outcomes without contaminating their thought process. Clean language questions achieve this by being largely composed of the subject’s exact words. A typical clean language session begins with eliciting the problem, then asking the question What would you like to have happen. Further clean … Read more

Get Someone to Say Yes

20 Simple Ways to Get Someone to Say Yes

To build an agreement frame and get someone to say yes, it’s important to move in small steps that allow them to feel safe and in-control. Start with things like using their name, the words you and because, smiling and nodding, and reminding them that they are free to choose. Ask them for something small … Read more

What Is An Embedded Command

What Is An Embedded Command? (NLP And Hypnosis)

An embedded command is a hypnotic language structure in which a suggestion is hidden within other words so as to prevent the subject from consciously noticing it. The command can be marked out using pauses, voice tone, rate of speaking, anchors, and other forms of emphasis in various media. It’s important that the marking out … Read more