Quit Smoking Online

Who else is done with cigarettes and ready to Quit?

If you’re a smoker, there’s a good chance that you’ve tried to Quit many times before…

First we try using willpower, and it tends to go well at first…

But then the cravings get to us, or we find ourselves constantly thinking about cigarettes and how we’re not having one, and eventually we light up. Sometimes we even find ourselves smoking on autopilot.

So we try to Quit with some form of nicotine replacement product… patches, gum… even vaping.

And we find that the cravings are gone, but somehow we end up smoking again.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Did you know that smoking is held in place by three anchors, and if a Quit Smoking method does not effectively deal with all three of these at the same time, it can feel almost impossible to quit?

So I’ve put together a Quit Smoking Program that is designed to deal with the emotional side of smoking, along with the habits and nicotine cravings that hold it in place. The entire thing is delivered through a series of three Zoom video calls.

In the first session, we work out exactly how you do smoking, and what’s driving it. Then we go through the things that are holding smoking in place for you and take them apart, one by one. And I’ll give you a tool that you can use at any time to minimise any nicotine cravings should they occur.

Now, when you Quit Smoking, it takes around three weeks for your brain to recover from nicotine. This is what causes the cravings. So sessions two and three are designed to get you through those three weeks. In each, we’ll hop onto a call, check how you’re doing, and make any changes we need to as you go along.

If you’ve had enough of burning all your spare cash on cigarettes, and you’d like to live a long and healthy life:

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