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From the outside, hypnosis can seem like magic. But what if it could go from incomprehensible magic to easy with a few simple understandings? The Hypnotic Mind is designed to be an overview of the mind from the perspective of hypnosis. Once you have these understandings, it becomes possible to invent your own hypnosis rather than relying on the techniques of others.

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Way back when I first started out with hypnosis, I quickly discovered that it was pretty easy to get results. Once you know even one induction, it becomes almost effortless to drop people. And simple suggestions are enough to give them unique experiences and get them to do stuff.

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With a little practice, you can make that one induction reliable enough to get people into deep trance a lot of the time.

What tends to be missing is the ability to design and build your own processes. I remember listening to recordings, and wondering where were the instructions for how to make your own.

I’d work through course after course, and most of them would increase my ability a little bit. But they were missing an important part.

You see, while these courses would tell me what to do, they never really went into the details about why it works to any great extent. That’s fine if all you want is a few party tricks. But when you want to move beyond what everyone else does, it’s vital to appreciate exactly what’s going on.

I’ve written The Hypnotic Mind to be a journey through the workings of the mind so that you can quickly gain those understandings.

We start off at the absolute beginning with the conscious and unconscious minds, and work our way through various necessary topics, through hypnosis, and eventually all the way into lucid dreaming. I even throw in a couple of inductions that you can use right away.

So if you’d like to finally know why hypnosis works…

If you’re curious about exactly how to make hypnosis work for you if it hasn’t been…

Or even if you’re curious about creating your own hypnosis techniques…

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